Punishment I want

Punishment I want

Mistress Emma has been my owner for a while in which she determines my daily life from a distance with assignments, goals, and ways of life. Because it’s such a great honor, to be the slave of Mistress Emma, ​​I also have to pay for this. There are 2 ways to pay to my Goddess - small daily payment9which I find easy and much more preferable), and payment in pain. Make no mistake, Mistress Emma insists on both. The financial part is determined in advance and remains the same every time. The pain payment is another story though.  Every month my Mistress tells me what the payment will be on the 30th of the month. Think for example of 300 lashes, 10 km run daily, etc.

The past month I have behaved very well, Mistress Emma thought. I had completed all assignments and goals perfectly so Mistress Emma was proud. As a reward, I was allowed to choose my pain offering for Mistress Emma for this month. Of course, there were a number of conditions and I got 2 options. The conditions were that it should either last at least 1 hour or there must be clear physical evidence of the action. As options I got the following: 1: just come up with a pain offering that met the above requirements or 2: give a pain offering that is new, longer, or/and more extreme and that would make Mistress Emma happy. As a reward for option 2, I would not have to wear a chastity belt for a week, and I was allowed to play with myself without restrictions during that week. Since I am a slave of Mistress Emma I can cum about once a month, sometimes 2 when she is in a good mood, so this option sounded interesting.

I have already experienced so much with Mistress Emma that it is quite difficult to think of something new. I was given a week to think about it. The week passed very quickly and suddenly I had only a few hours left to think of something. Surely, I couldn’t come up emptyhanded because then the consequences would be even greater. Finally, I worked up the following: I would literally make an offering, namely in blood. Mistress Emma was allowed to hit me with her whips until my entire back and butt were bleeding. When I told her I immediately regret it! But Mistress Emma was pleased with this idea as the whips are her favorite attributes to use. But I already said it so there was no turning back. I was sent a small contract in which I agreed to the above penalty.

After 2 weeks of nerves and tension, the day had finally arrived. Strangely enough, I was really looking forward to it because I would make my Mistress happy with it and it was something we had never done before. I ring the doorbell and Mistress Emma opens the door and wears a beautiful black patent corset with beautiful trousers of the same material and beautiful heels underneath. "Hello my slave,” She says. "Get on your knees slave” She orders me and She puts a leash on me. I am obliged to wear a collar when I stand before Mistress Emma. Like that, I can immediately be put on a leash and know where my place is. I follow her to her throne. She sits down and orders me to put myself up as a footstool. "So, slave today is going to be a special day, because you are going to sacrifice your body to me, your owner. I am very excited about this slave and also really proud of you and your idea!". I hesitantly say “Thank you Mistress!” even though I regretted it a bit…

I am taken off the line and have 5 minutes to take a shower. While I'm in the shower, a hundred thousand thoughts haunt me about what's to come and it seems to last forever. I get out of the shower, dry off, and enter the play area on my knees. As always it is a great sight to see Mistress Emma sitting there. She immediately orders me with a bright flick to lick her heels.

"Slave today I am going to tie you up to The Cross so tight you won't be able to move a muscle".

“Yes, Mistress” I answer. "And you know what I am going to do slave once you are tied up. “Yes, Mistress - whip me” I answer. Mistress Emma laughs and says, "no slave today I am going to destroy and torture your back like never before.”

These words made me tremble with fear, but I immediately got into the right mindset. There was no escape! Nothing else to do but to let everything happen as my wonderful Mistress desires.

Mistress Emma fastens me to the cross and She was not kidding, when She said She would do it tight! I could barely breathe! So hard I was tied to the cross. Before my Goddess ties my head against the cross, She stands next to me. I look to the side and see Mistress Emma with 2 beautiful long leather gloves in her hands. She puts them on very sensually 1 by 1 and! After they are on, I can adore them, kiss, and lick them.

After this last little pleasure, the real work started. I got the gag with a dildo back on and everything was tightened just as well. "Slave, are you ready for the torture I am about to give you". After these words, she steps back, takes one of the whips and the first blow falls immediately…

It is a large barrage of hits that continue to accumulate in succession. With each blow, I feel more tingling and splitting back. Like a little knife goes over your back all the time. Each blow harder, sharper, or a different angle. After about 10 minutes consecutive whipping, she takes a break and I feel her soft fingers running over my stretch marks. This is always a nice feeling so that in a sense you are charged again for the next barrage. After this brief moment of pleasure, Mistress Emma takes the cat one tails.

This is one of the heaviest whips to undergo and she immediately sees that I know this. She whispers in my ear: "Yes slave with this one I am going to make the most damage on your body today". She said with a mean smile. She steps back and I eagerly wait for the first blow. But I wait, wait and still waiting. Then suddenly I hear it whipping and it lands on my back. I now bite my dildo very hard because this pain is unlike any other whip. It is a whip with, as the name says, 9 whips that are made of tightly tied rope. This makes it extra hard on your skin.

After undergoing this for almost 20 minutes I get some rest from Mistress Emma. I try to get my breathing back in order and then suddenly I feel the soft lips of Mistress Emma on my neck. This was such an intense pleasant feeling that I had forgotten all the pain again. After enjoying this pleasure, she steps away again. I get some water from her and she says "are you ready to continue slave because we still have a long way to go". Again, I started to tremble with fear but also excited at the same time. She takes the cat 0nine tails again and starts working on my back again. The feeling of her lips around my neck makes me seem to be able to cope with the blows better and better. I felt so pleasantly embarrassed that I was completely helpless there.

Mistress Emma was working on me like a painting being painted. After I don't even remember how long she puts the cat o 'nine away and takes another whip. She walks over to me and whispers: "your back is bleeding quite nicely already slave, now let’s give it one more jolt so all your veins will flow freely". She had taken the snake whip: a long single whip of hard leather that gets sharper in the end. The hard, sharp strokes of this whip feel like a razor scraping your back. I want to scream out but of course, I can't do this through the gag. Instead, a small murmur comes out of what Mistress Emma found very amusing to hear. After 15 minutes with this whip, I felt the blood flow on my back and Mistress Emma stops.

She walks over to me and says: "slave I am so proud of you! You took all that pain for me and you are definitely my number one slave now". As she says the latter words, pride and joy grew like I had never felt in my life. She takes a picture of it with herself and briefly treats me with disinfectant and cotton wool. When my Goddess is done She unties me and I immediately fall for her heels which I immediately start licking to show my gratitude.

I got a reward by massaging her feet and spoil myself.

It was another memorable day in my life of slavery and servitude for Mistress Emma and I would never want it any other way.

It is these days that remind me why I ever entered the BDSM world! It is easy to be obedient when everything is nice and calm but you are tested on these days when it is all a bit more difficult. Thank you, Mistress Emma, for this experience and for trusting me as a slave.

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  1. Zeer spannend verslag !!!
    Ben zeer onderdanige LEERSLET.
    Daarna als ONDERDANIGE LEERSLET cq LEERSLAAF gedomineerd……

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