Mistress Emma Key holding

Key holding? Do you dare to give me the key?

I as your owner will require restrictions from you slave every now and then. Sometimes you will just receive an order from me to behave and to do or not to do some certain things. Some other times, however, I will require your presence. I will put a chastity device on you. And I will be the only person who had the key from it.  Then you will walk out of my dungeon with the chastity device on and you will have no idea how long would you keep it. 

I will catch you and play with your mind, without even talking to you or seeing you at all. You will be in the trap. Definitely the most exciting is that you will have no idea when will I call again. When will I  order you to come to meet me, so I can remove the chastity belt?

Remember slave you must walk, eat, sleep, work with my cage on you. You must learn how to live with it, and no one else should notice that you have it! No one else should know that you have a task right now. 

Can you manage this slave? Or are you gonna call me on the second day and cry, and beg me to meet you again and give you the key?

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