SM soft - hard


You might wonder slave, when will it be soft or when will it be hard and what is in between? It always will be me deciding what I will do with you, after all, there can be only one Mistress isn’t it so? And yes, I will keep in mind which boundaries we have agreed upon and yes, you always have the safe word as an escape, keep that in mind too!

Seeing you suffer is what I like, it is my privilege to make you endure all plays I have prepared for you. But suffering can be so much more than just pain. There are many ways to make you feel uncomfortable and give me the pleasure I deserve.

After I have tied you down to the bed and chained both hands and feet, I will take a feather and start tickling you. Small strokes, barely touching the soles of your feet. It will be hard to take it very long isn’t it so slave? I will play with your nipples, squeezing them, pulling them out or twist them, just as I feel right. If I feel like it I might smother you, demanding you will keep your breath for 30, 40 or even more seconds. I can tease you with my electro kit, small tickling current at sensitive places. Not too much, just enough to make you wonder was it pain or not?

Perhaps this was just enough for you but it might be you can endure more, giving me a little more possibilities to play with you. What about me lighting a candle and start dripping some wax on to your body? The small drops give you this special exciting feeling and I enjoy seeing your body responding to the pain stimulants. But I also feel like slapping you! I slap your face or perhaps your bottom. You smile as it at first feels like caressing you but don’t be mistaken, soon it will be more painful and your cheeks will start glowing. When I connect my electro kit to your nipples you soon will know what pain is.

I will train you in enduring more and more pain. Why? Well, slave, that is obvious: the more you suffer, the more I enjoy it. And a well-trained slave will accept the whip and the cane! He will allow me to hit him until his body turns red, he will not stop me until blue bruises are appearing on his body. He will accept my sounding sticks in his penis and the many electrodes I add to his testicles will be the beginning of serious pain.

Receiving my treatment is all a matter of trust slave! I will give you what you need and enough to please me. I do not mind where your pain limits are, I just want to explore them, meet them and whenever possible cross them. Training and education, perhaps you step from soft to hard and please your Mistress every time a little more.

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