Taken to trainingscamp

Taken to trainingscamp

If you think you've been through everything with Mistress Emma after serving as her slave for a year, you're wrong. A few months ago, my Mistress instructed me to transfer a significant amount of money to her in addition to the usual costs that I pay every day as her 24/7 slave. The only explanation I got was that it was something special over time and crucial to my development as a slave. Of course, I did not go against this because Mistress Emma knows what is best.

A few months later, one day I receive a message from her saying: slave I want you to be free from September 28 to October 2. Naturally, I asked why, but I soon got the answer - I had to wait and see. This was 1.5 months away and I honestly wondered what would happen on those dates.

The weeks go by and I have a few more sessions with Mistress Emma in the meantime. Every time I ask what will happen between September 28 and Oktober 2, I don't get an answer from Her. At one point, She even warns me if I didn't stop asking that it was going to be cancelled, and I will never get to know what the plan was. This, of course, did not help to calm my mind and actually made things worse. I decided not to ask about it anymore!

It is September 26 and the day has almost arrived. I hadn't spoken to Mistress Emma in 3 days, which was very unusual since I have an obligation to contact my mistress every day. But suddenly I get a very extensive WhatsApp message from Mistress Emma:

‘Dear Slave,


It is important that you follow each instruction in this message exactly and be everywhere on time, otherwise, there will be subsequent consequences. You will pack a suitcase in which you put 2 sets of comfortable clothes, 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of socks, your passport, care items, the charger of your phone and your head mask. Naturally, You may not pack more or less, slave. Then you make sure that you are at Schiphol airport at 28-9 at 5:30 with your packed suitcase. You are going to catch the flight NVG38L5K, which leaves at 7:15 AM. Your ticket has already been ordered and can be picked up in your name at Easy jet. When you arrive at the next Airport at 10:30 AM, walk out through the main entrance and walk to the furthest edge of the Airport Park.

Here you have to be 11:45 at the latest and not a minute later!! When you arrive there, you will see an abandoned parking lot with only a green Peugeot 307 on it. You will undress completely behind the car and neatly store your clothes and shoes in your suitcase. Then You put on your head mask and blindfold and lie naked under the car. You must be under the car by 12:10. If you have followed all this well slave, your Mistress will pick you up there. It is important that you do not say anything and just do what you are told to do. Good luck slave and see you the day after tomorrow.


Mistress Emma

I am really in shock and read the message another 20 times to make sure I read it correctly. Every emotion goes through me right now: from joy and happiness to confusion and deep fear. After staring in front of me for a few hours I had gathered myself, I decided to "just" pack. I packed everything together and put the suitcase ready at the door. Then I thought I would take a long shower because who knows how long I could not shower judging from the impression I had got from the message. After the shower, I quickly dive into my bed because it was going to be an early morning ...

I wake up at 04:30. Then I take a quick shower again, have a quick breakfast, and go out the door with my suitcase.

I arrive at Schiphol airport and first check the boards if my flight actually existed. And yes, there it was. Surely, I take a picture of myself on Schiphol and send it to Mistress Emma.

I continue to search for the Easy jet ticket counter and quickly find it. Then I had to give my passport to the counter employee and she comes back shortly afterwards with my ticket. So far so good I thought. Actually, it only made me more anxious because it was all going as Mistress Emma had said in the message. I quickly go through customs and walk towards the gate. Afterward, I look at the gate sign and luckily there was no delay. After half an hour we can get in and my nerves really start to take over. One of the flight attendants even asked me if everything is going well.

To which I, of course, said that everything was going well, but I had never flown alone. I came up with this excuse very quickly because it was difficult to explain what was really going on. We take off and now I know there really is no turning back.

It's a smooth flight and we even arrive 20 minutes earlier. I get out and walk to the baggage claim. My suitcase arrives as one of the first and I am quickly outside at the main exit. I take another picture of myself and send it to Mistress Emma. Well, I still hadn't had any reaction to the previous photo. I open google maps and type in the airport park. To my great surprise, I see that I have to walk 20 minutes here. I look at the time and see that it was already 11:15 AM.

Hence, I only had half an hour to get to the parking lot. I start to walk quickly, but fortunately, the route is quite simple and easy to walk. Then I arrive at the edge of the park and walk to the back of the park. When I arrive, I immediately see the parking lot and The green Peugeot. Only to my surprise, there is also another car in the parking lot. I look at the time and see that I am 8 minutes early. Then I hesitate for a while, but I still check the area to be sure. After not seeing anyone, I walk to the green car and take a picture of myself just in time. With a lot of doubt and looking around me I start to undress.

Taking off your pants and shirt is still easy, but if you have to take off your underpants outside in no-man's-land, it is quite embarrassing. I am completely undressed, put on my head mask with a blindfold, and lie under the car. Then I take a photo and see that I am 5 minutes early. It is 10 degrees outside so I am very cold as I was naked under the car. 10 minutes pass and I start to get a little restless. Is She still coming? Or should I lie here for another hour I thought?

After about 20 minutes I suddenly hear a very pleasant and familiar sound. I hear clicking heels getting closer to the car. It gets closer and closer until it stops close to my head. After a few seconds of silence, I hear the redeeming voice of Mistress Emma:

"Hello slave, that was quite an adventure don’t you think? I am proud of you! You came and you were on time at every checkpoint." I shout from under the car, "Thank you, Mistress." After saying these words, I immediately realize that I had broken the rule of not talking….

I get a strict order to get out of the car. And I get out of it with my blindfold still on. I am turned around hard and I feel that I am being cuffed by Mistress Emma. Then I hear the sound of a door going open and I'm pushed forward. Apparently, this was the trunk because I was literally thrown into it. The valve closes and a little later the car starts. An explosion of different emotions at the same time went through me after everything that had just happened. I really didn't know what was coming next...

We drive on for quite a long time. An hour passes and the tension keeps growing (as far as that was still possible). After almost 2 hours of driving, I feel the car is driving over bumpy paths and 10 minutes later we come to a halt. A door opens and I hear footsteps coming towards the trunk. The trunk opens and I am immediately half pulled out by Mistress Emma. My cuffs are released and I get a collar with a leash attached to it. I could hear this from the clattering sound of the chain. I am ordered to walk on my knees and she pulls me forward

The ground on which I had to crawl was an old-fashioned pebble path and therefore not very pleasant. Suddenly I am pulled very hard and I am instructed to lie over a stone that apparently was in front of me.

After a bit of searching, I find the stone and lie down on it. I hear the Mistress rumbling behind me and then it is silent for a few seconds ...

There I was lying naked over a stone in a completely unknown place, still ready for what was to come. Suddenly I hear a long swishing sound and the whip hits me hard on my back. One more time ... and one more time. I cringe completely because I hadn’t prepared for this. After 20 big lashes, I am pulled forward by the leash again. Mistress Emma still hadn't said a word and I secretly thought she might kill me or something. After another 5 minutes of crawling, I felt that my knees were already bleeding and my hands would follow shortly after. I hear the opening of a door and I feel that we are entering a wooden floor.

Naturally, I am further drawn in and at some point, I am ordered to get up. Then I am being pressed against a wall and my hands are fastened tightly together above my head on a chain. I hear the heels moving away from my location and it becomes quiet for a moment. After a few minutes, I hear the heels approaching again. The sound stops right in front of me and suddenly my blindfold is pulled from my head ...

Finally, after hours of uncertainty, I see the beautiful eyes of Mistress Emma again. As always, she looks at me with a subtle smile and says: "well slave you might be wondering what all this means" I nod yes and mistress continues: "very good slave, you are silent now, otherwise you will receive whipping lashes again".

I immediately understood that the 20 lashes I had received before were about me talking on the parking lot. "moving on, slave" Mistress continues: "You are here because you will have to undergo an outdoor training camp in the coming days." Once again. I am in shock after hearing these words. She continues: "This training camp will consist of physical exercises that you have to perform every day under my watchful eyes, such as chopping wood, riding a horse, push-ups, and other things in this category." "In addition, your pain threshold will be trained through hard and long lashes every day ."

You will always walk on all fours and may only say something if given permission to do so. " To ensure that you will always walk with mask and gag ". The only thing that you are allowed to do slave, is to cry if it gets too heavy for you, but there won’t be any breaks because of that. " "I'm going to push you to the absolute maximum, slave of mine so don't disappoint me." I was now so shocked that I couldn't make a sound ... I think I even stopped breathing after hearing these words. But after a minute I realized that there is no going back and that I just had to go through it like a slave should when your owner demands it from you.

After these words, She disappeared. I look around to see exactly where we were. What I see is an old derelict wooden house in the middle of a forest. I am tied up in a kind of shallow closet and I see Mistress Emma's green car outside. For the rest, I see a vast lawn to my right with a kind of stone plateau in the middle of the field. There are pebble paths around which I probably had already walked on.  The plateau was probably where I had been whipped.

I hear Mistress Emma come back and I quickly turn my face downwards. My chin is carefully raised and I quickly see that the Mistress had put on some comfortable clothes. "So, slave I'm going to recover from this difficult journey so I'm going to tie you up here nice and neat and I'll see you again tomorrow morning"

I think it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon so I thought she was joking. Then Mistress Emma takes 3 iron nipple chains and hangs 8 weights of a quarter kilo on it. Then she sinks to my precious parts and starts to tie my cock and balls tightly. After this, she hangs a kind of net on my balls from which she again hung weights. This time it was only 4 but it was still very painful. Just when I thought she was ready she suddenly takes a long piece of rope from a bag with a giant iron hook on it. At the end of the hook is a large round sphere and I already suspect where this would go in. She attaches the rope to the chain where my hands are tied and pulls the hook down behind my back. Mistress Emma sees the fear in my eyes and starts laughing hard.

After this very unpleasant experience, Mistress Emma takes a few steps back to look at her beautiful creation as she would say. "So, slave, I think you've never looked so good before," she said laughing. "Til tomorrow morning slave" and she slams the closet door. I was now alone in the dark closet and I could hear Mistress Emma walking and talking outside. Would she really leave me like this until tomorrow morning? I thought aloud. "No, no, I certainly said to myself.

Minutes passed, an hour and another hour. I started to reach my limit with all the weights on my nipples and balls. After hanging in this position for about 5 hours I suddenly hear heels coming towards the closet. Mistress Emma opens the door and stands in front of me in her tight black leather catsuit. "Slave you look a little bit pained there".

"Let’s play a little bit outside before we go to sleep. After these words she first removes the hook and then she unties my arms. I drop on the ground of exhaustion but I am immediately being pulled forward by Mistress Emma. She leaves the weights on my nipples and balls. Now that I'm walking with the weights. It feels even more painful than they already did but Mistress doesn't seem to care. All around the house are fire cages that glow in the darkness that had fallen. I am being pulled out and ordered to wait outside. Mistress Emma goes back inside and returns with a super thick whip of about a meter long. She picks up my leash again and says to me: "so slave we are going to walk a little around the house to get you some fresh air".

"While we do that. I will whip your back without any mercy or stops. And the faster you walk slave the shorter will be the whipping ". Because I still had the weights on, I knew that this would not be a short assignment. The walk around the house was perhaps less than a minute if you could walk normally on two legs and without obstacles. But on all fours with the weights on the pebble path, I knew this was going to be considerably longer. "Ready slave and go!". I start walking and immediately the first merciless lash hits my back. This whip was no joke... After a lot of blows, I finally reached the other side of the house and I fall exhausted at the front door. My mistress leaves me there and then picks me up some minutes later to guide me inside.

She pulls me to a couch and sits on it. I sit on the floor in front of her and she orders me to take off her boots and socks. After doing this I can massage, kiss, and lick her feet. I can do this for no less than 2 hours and slowly I start to forget all the misery of today. After these 2 hours of fun, the weights are finally being taken off. My stomach suddenly starts rumbling and I realize that I had not eaten or drunk anything since this morning. I look at my Mistress with begging eyes and she grabs a tray in the kitchen and fills it with water. "No food for you tonight slave, tomorrow you can prove yourself, and then you will get some food from Me. Then you can eat.

After this big disappointment and some drinking, Mistress pulls me back to the closet. She then hangs me on the chains again, wishes me a good time, and closes the door…

The next day I am woken up early by Mistress Emma. She unties me and escorts me to a room. There I was allowed to freshen up and I had to put on a set of clothes. I had just put on jogging pants with a thin sweater. I knock on the door that I am ready and Mistress Emma opens again. She is now wrapped in a stylish long leather jacket that almost reaches her feet. She had put her hair in a tight bun and put on blood-red lipstick. She also had burgundy red leather gloves and somewhere under the coat I could see boots.

These boots had giant stiletto heels underneath that seemed hard to walk on. After seeing this fantastic outfit, I am quickly brought back to reality with a hard blow to my face. "On your knees slave when you are in my presence”. I quickly go to the ground and want to apologize but realize that it wouldn’t be the best course of action now. I was only allowed to speak if the Mistress specifically gave permission for this. I crawl after her and I can drink again in the kitchen. I still did not see any food in the other container... After another disappointment, I am taken outside. crawling in my clothes was a lot nicer than being naked. I was not bothered by the pebble paths and it was warmer.

She takes me far into the forest where we end up in a clearing where a lot of tree trunks lie on the ground. I see an ax lying on a small tree trunk and I immediately know what my job will be today. Mistress Emma urges me to get up and points to the ax. "Slave today you are going to chop all these tree trunks so that we have enough wood for the fire cages tonight." Mistress lets go of my leash and I immediately walk to the ax to start. "Slave I am leaving for now and I expect when I come back in a few hours that you did 1 whole tree trunk". After this message, she walks away and I start chopping. Because I still have an empty stomach, I don't feel much strength in my arms.

In addition, I also spent hours hanging on my arms while I slept. The hours fly by and at some point, I am finally done with 1 tree trunk. Mistress arrives 10 minutes later and looks at the wood that had been cut with satisfaction. In her hand, she had a dog bowl with food in it. She puts it on the ground and urges me to come to it. I have to lie flat on my stomach and eat without hands like this. I'm greedily eating when Mistress Emma suddenly stands on my back with her stiletto heels. She drills her heels hard in my back and starts walking around my back a bit. Therefore, there was no relaxed dinner for me…

After I finally empty my bin, She steps off my back and pulls me up. I am pulled back to the house.

When we are close to the house, I am led to the stone plateau on the lawn. I have to take off my sweater and hang with my stomach over the stones again. From underneath the long leather coat of Mistress Emma, ​​the whip from yesterday suddenly appears again and I immediately knew what was in store for me… she takes a step back and I hear the whip swirl through the air and land hard on my back. "Count slave" she bites me. I count every blow and after 100 lashes she stops. I hardly feel my back anymore because of all the bruises, but when the Mistress whispers in my ear that she is so happy with me, that feeling disappears again. I have to put my sweater back on and I am being dragged back to where the tree trunks were.

"Okay slave you can continue chopping again! I'll be right back." I start chopping again which was a bit more difficult since my back hurt so much. Two more times that day I am picked up for a whooping of whiplashes and brought back to the lumberjack place.

After this long and hard day, I can take a shower when we are back in the house. Completely broken from the day I fall asleep in the shower. Mistress Emma gently wakes me up and greets me with a kiss on the forehead and a smile. I really got no energy left so Mistress Emma decides to dry me herself.  When she was finished with that, she puts the leash on me again and gently pulls me back to the living room. At the bank, there is another bowl of food to which I suddenly crawl in a hurry.

Mistress laughs and says: "go enjoy your food slave, you have earned it". After this satisfying meal, I can again massage, kiss, and lick my Mistress's feet. After that reward was granted to me I felt so grateful and happy and finally, I was able to relax, I remember laying my head on the floor to rest for a minute, and I must have fallen asleep.

The next day I woke up on the same floor where I fell asleep yesterday. I could not see Mistress Emma anywhere, so I decided to crawl back to the closet, which I assumed was my place in the house. Once in the closet, I feel my limbs are getting heavy and I fell asleep again. A little later the closet door opens and Mistress Emma is standing in front of me again. She is dressed in a black leather riding suit with red rubber boots underneath.

The dreaded whip hangs on her pants. She has put her hair in a long ponytail and is wearing blood-red lipstick again. "Good afternoon, slave I don't know about you, but I slept wonderfully and I'm looking forward to today's plan." Apparently, I had slept so long that it was already 3 PM. After these words, she puts me on a leash and takes me to the kitchen. There was another bowl of food and water waiting for me. I start eating and drinking until Mistress Emma suddenly is sitting on me. I stop eating in amazement and look back at her. "What’s the matter, slave? Go on," she says. I turn my head, confused, and continue to eat. After I finish everything, She orders me to walk out, with her still on my back. Fortunately, Mistress Emma is anything but heavy so I actually had a lot of fun.

When we arrive outside, I see a kind of carriage with 2 large rods at the front like a kind of wheelbarrow. She gets off me and pulls me to the carriage. "Slave today we are going for a nice ride through the whole forest, in which you are my horse". Somehow, I thought this would be fun to do, but that would soon change. She attaches my hands to the 2 rods with special cuffs and places herself in the carriage. "Okay horse at a gallop," says the mistress. I start walking and it is actually quite easy. Even though I was naked again, I had no trouble walking the pebble path because my feet were so used to the feeling by now. We walk around for 10 minutes when I suddenly hear the whip swirl again in the air and I am hit hard on my back.

"Faster horse" she screams and hits me on the back again. I start half running to flee from the lashes. Unfortunately, this was of no use because they kept coming and suddenly, I realized how difficult this had to be for real horses.

We have been on the road for over an hour now when we arrive at a small river. "Hey," Mistress calls and I stop. I get detached from the carriage and can go for a drink in the river. While I am drinking, I hear my Mistress walking towards me and when I turn around, She pushes me into the water. The water was freezing cold and I saw my mistress laughing very hard on the bank. After this fresh dive, I was secured to the carriage again and we continued walking. Although it was 20 degrees outside, I was still very cold because of the water.

But after a few lashes that I had to go faster, I no longer thought about that.

After another hour we come back to the house and I am released from the carriage. My back was bleeding now from all the lashes of the past 2 days and it had to be taken care of. I lie down on a table and I am being treated by my Mistress. Although this also hurts because of the disinfectant she used, it felt very nice. When She is almost finished, I fall asleep again, now on the table. The last thing I hear is the whispering words of Mistress Emma: "You've done a good job, my slave, for the past few days and I'm truly proud of you."

When I wake up again a few hours later, still on the table, I look around a bit dazed. I don't see Mistress Emma anywhere but I do see that all suitcases were packed in the living room. Was it over I thought? I crawl off the table and go back to the closet just to be sure. A few minutes later I hear a car drive up. The front door opens and I hear heels approaching the closet again. Mistress opens the door and looks at me with a big smile and says: "very good slave your education is finished. I am proud of you!". After these words, I am allowed to take off my mask and take off the collar for the first time in 3 days. This felt so nice as if I was finally myself again.

Mistress Emma had done some shopping and I was allowed to make an extensive breakfast for her and me. During breakfast, we talked a bit about the past few days. This also felt a bit new again, since I had not spoken a word for 3 days. Except for trying to scream occasionally during the many lashes I was receiving. But talking to my Mistress again felt very nice. After we were both satisfied with the result that we achieved, we pack the rest and go home to the airport!

It was again an out of this world experience and I will carry this with me forever Mistress Emma. You are and remain the Ultimate Goddess to serve. Nothing is too crazy for me when it comes to making you happy and I hope I can continue to do that as your slave for the rest of my life.

Your humble slave casper

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