F Machine


Some want it so badly, others see it as the ultimate humiliation: being pegged by your Mistress.

For me, fucking my slave is a special play. When he is down on his knees, or just bent over, I am in total control. This is what gives me pleasure and satisfaction, you helpless on the floor waiting for me to play. It is I who decide whether fucking you is a punishment or a pleasure. Shall I be merciful or not? Will I allow you to enjoy this or not?

But slave, you know your Mistress should not worn herself out. She needs to stay fit always and therefore slaves perform the hard labour, endure the pain and take whatever your Mistress decides is good for you. And that is also why I am so happy with my fuck machine. After I tie you down, I install the machine, add the proper size dildo and just turn it on. And while I sit, manicure my nails, read a glossy magazine or enjoy the sweet gift you just brought me, the machine will do the work. In and out, in and out. I might switch it to faster and I will be tempted to get deeper and deeper into your ass. Will it be pleasant? I am sure it will be for me but I cannot promise it will be for you.

I will sit beside you and once in a while, I will glance at you. I will hear you moan, I will see the tears dripping from your eyes when it hurts. I will ignore you begging me to stop as it is like always my slave, it is for my pleasure you are here, my pleasure only.

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