Mistress Emma The Hague, Meesteres Emma Den Haag, Trampling


My Mistress orders me to lay down on the floor. “On your back, slave!” As my Mistress can and will use me however she pleases! I obey immediately and at that moment I realize I am not much more than a simple doormat to her.

Gracefully she steps on my chest, one foot first and the second soon to follow. She moves up and down my body, from my chest to my belly. A quick turnaround is painful and I shout out loud. The point of her shoe is pointing to my nipples. “Well slave, that is a perfect spot for me, isn’t it?”. She teases my nipple with her high heel but just when I think this is so nice she puts her high heel in my nipple! And places her full weight on that foot. It is very painful and tears are in my eyes immediately. My Mistress puts the other high heel in my other nipple! Now I  feel her sinking in my chest.

My Mistress starts moving again, small steps slowly down my body. A small jump makes me shout again. I am so weak, I hardly can carry my Mistress, it makes me feel ashamed. The next moment I feel her high heel ticking against my penis and balls. I know what is coming, she will step on my scrotum and she will enjoy the moment when I cry for mercy while stepping on my penis. “Do I need to remind you slave that you are just like a doormat?” She walks, jumps, and steps on my body, it is what I am, it is what she does.

The worst of all is perhaps when she places her tiny little foot on my throat and start pushing, gently first but then with more and more pressure I begin choking... and I can't even beg for mercy, not like that...

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