St. Andrew’s Cross

St. Andreas Cross

St. Andrew's Cross; X - Cross; X - Frame; Saltire Cross. It has a lot of names, and it is one of my favorite tools in the studio. I use it every single day. Why - would you ask me, slave. Well, it is practical it is kinky, it is another way to restrain you and to enjoy all the things that I can do on you.  On the cross, I can tie up your wrists, ankles, and waist and make sure that you won't move at all. And then I can get my whip and use it on your whole body. When you seem to get used to the whip that I use at the moment I will change it with another one and then another and another... And when you think that there is no way the things to get any worse for you I will get my canes! During this whole time, you are helpless. You depend on my mercy! So then the only question you are gonna ask yourself is - do I get mercy? It is an interesting question, slave! Don't you think?

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