Mistress Emma The Hague, Meesteres Emma Den Haag, Chains

What is BDSM without chains? One of the very first thing that I usually do when you come in my room, is to tie you up. Where you will ask. Everywhere. I have a bondage bed with chains on it. In my studio, you will find a few variations of the Andreas cross, again with chains on them. Or in my gyneacology chair? Also on my massage table. Well, must make sure that you will stay exactly where I want you. I don't want you to move, or run away while I am playing with you. Even if you are on your knees and you are my puppy, you will have chains on. You are a slave and nothing but a slave. You must remember this the whole time we are playing. Therefore you have a chain on all of the time, so they help you to stay focused on your role in the game

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