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Boots of Mistress Emma

Pumps, peep toe's, slippers, sandals, sling pumps, I am a woman. Therefore I like shoes. But there is nothing that makes a woman looks like a Goddess better than kinky boots. Shiny, tight, extremely high. They hug my legs and give me this kind of a walk to which no man can resist!

What is more beautiful than a woman in boots?A  Mistress in extremely high, leather or latex boots with 30cm heels. They make me feel so strong and powerful, so fantastic.A Mistress in boots to which must obey! Once after you walk in my room slave, I want to see you on your knees, and all you can see from there are my boots. You know what you have to do with them right? I want you to pay your respect to me licking them and worshipping them.  You have to make them clean and shine, while I am thinking what do I want to do with you. Your place is under my feet slave, and I will demonstrate this to you as many times as I have to! If you deserve it I may even let you remove my boots and smell my feet, feel them in your hands, touch them, massaged them. Maybe I will even let you lick them! But if you disappoint me I will use my heels as a weapon on you. So what is it gonna be? Are you gonna enjoy or are you gonna suffer? Either way, you are gonna feel my heels on you. How and where it's up to you!

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Mistress Emma Boots
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