SPH Mistress Emma

So slave, you really think size doesn’t matter? Well you pathetic man, think again! Because if I look at you I really have no idea at all why you would be called a man. This little thing, you call that a penis? Even hard and erected it looks like a small worm, yes, that is what it is and what you are: a little worm.

How dare you to insult your Mistress with such a small meaningless thing between your legs? Or was it just to make me laugh? Well, I must admit slave, in that case you have succeeded as I really need to laugh hard when I see this thing you call your willy. I am sure it is impossible to penetrate a woman successfully with that. It is not long enough, it is not thick enough, it will never ever satisfy the needs of a woman. What a joke it is, a sick joke!

Slave, like most men, you are overestimating the importance of what you have. It is small, meaningless and your Mistress is not impressed. The size of your penis reflects very well what you are: not much! I am sure your wife or girlfriend is constantly looking for someone else to give her some satisfaction. And what about the sorry amount of cum you might produce with such a tiny cock? It serves nothing, nothing at all.

Oh, now you are disappointed? You were thinking you had something special? Well, be disappointed with yourself, I am sure all women looking at you would have the same feeling.

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