Mistress Emma, Personal shopper

So many times I hear from my slaves that they will satisfy all my wishes! All my desires! That they live only to serve me!

Well, slaves, I have a way to let you prove this indeed! You need to find 1 free day and to walk with me outside, where I will try different outfits, shoes, and jewels. What are you gonna do? You will pay. For everything I like and I want to have. You will provide me whatever I choose. And you will be grateful to me that I give you the opportunity to spend some time with me and to make me feel good. For the opportunity to get closer to me and to enjoy a nice lunch with me!

You won't look bored while I try the clothes and shoes, you will be there to smile and to carry my bags!

You will be respectful of me and my choices and you will provide me with your opinion ONLY if I ask for it! Other ways you will keep it for yourself!

So now let me see how many of you really want to satisfy me. How many of you will dare to spend a day in my company and provide me with unlimited resources?   

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