Nipple clamp

Nipple Clamp

So many of my slaves have very sensitive nipples. They love when I stimulate them. When I let them feel an ice cube or a candle wax. Yes, this can be great. But what about the slaves, who like to go a bit further, and try some pain as well? Don't worry slave, I am well prepared. I have so many kinds of nipple clamps for you -  clover clamp, tweezer clamp, piecing clamp, Vibro nipple clamp, and clothes-pin style. And if this is still not enough, I have a weight that I can add to a nipple clamp, in order to torture you even more!

Can you imagine what would it be if you are tied up on the St. Andrew cross, you have a hood over your head, gag in your mouth, and I get my clamps? Then I put the first set on your nipples. And slowly move my finger on the chain, connecting the clamps, so you feel it more intense in your left or right nipple? What about when I get bored would you ask. Well, then I will change the clamps with some other kind. And will probably add some weights as well, and more, and more weights! And how would you feel with my beautiful, pink, Vibro nipple clamps? 

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