Mistress Emma Daily goals
Mistress Emma Daily goals

Goals for my most dedicated slaves

One of my responsibilities as a Mistress is to make sure that you, slave will keep me in your mind all the time  - 24/7. I will drive you crazy from a long distance. You will be waiting for your new task, and will wonder what my twisted mind has prepared for you today! Am I gonna hurt you, or humiliate you, or challenge your physical abilities? Whatever it is you know it will be exciting. And if I do not give you a call till the noon you will begin to wonder what happens? Did I forget about you? Or maybe you make me bored and I cancel this game? Are you still worthy of my time and attention?

I love to play games! All kind of games. But my favorite, as you see are the mental ones

Every day you will receive an order, and you will have to obey! Also, you will have to send me a proof of the result. And do not even think of cheating! I may call you in any part of the day and ask for an immediate photo as proof that you still do what I order you to.

Some of the goals will be very easy and even funny for you. Other ones will challenge your dedication. And some of the orders will seem almost impossible, but what a good slave does? Yes, that's right. He obeys! Always. No matter what. 

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