Mistress Emma Incarceration
Mistress Emma Incarceration

Incarceration - unpleasant, but necessary!

Sometimes my slaves misbehave. They act stupidly. Or they forget some of my orders, or they just refuse to follow them. For situations like this, I have a prison, where I will put you and lock you up. You will stay there until you learn your lesson. Until I decide you are ready to get out. And if this is still not enough, you will have to stay in my prison on your toes, with your hands up in the air, and I will forbid you to touch anything in there. How long will you survive like that? I always wonder how long will it takes before you start begging me to let you out. To release you. 

What will I do while you are locked up? Whatever I want. I will enjoy myself. Probably I will take a cup of coffee or will play with my phone or even watch a nice movie. And you will be locked up there near me so I can hear you. I can make sure that you use your time to think over your behavior. And if not, I will punish you!

You will stay incarcerated until you learn your lesson. This may take few hours or a few days. But it does not matter to me. I have plenty of time. So slave now you know. If you make a mistake, you will pay for it!

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