Nipple Clips


I know how much you love me touching you, especially when I touch one of the most sensitive parts of your body: your nipples. When my fingertips caress them I see you shiver, it is like high voltage is going through your body. All parts of your body respond to the soft and gentle touches I give you. A small pinch or a little bite with my teeth will bring you to heaven. I see the excitement in your eyes and I feel you are willing to do everything for me to continue to give you this amazing feeling.

But all pleasure comes at a cost, my slave! After all, you are with me for my amusement only and I will please only as long as I feel like it. And when I decide your pleasure has to become my pleasure you will know the change immediately. No more gentle pinching but hard turning of your nipple. I might bite you until you have the feeling your nipple comes off. But more likely, I will choose from my huge collection of nipple clips, clamps and scissors. I love the tools do the work for me.

And again I see your body shaking like an electrical shock went through it. It is the pain, not the pleasure that causes your body to respond. And the excitement in your eyes is replaced by sheer fear for my next move. You will cry when I pull the nipple clips and for sure you will feel an even more intense lasting pain after I add some weights to the chain connecting the clamps. It is that moment when you realize it is always your Mistress’ pleasure that comes first I love the most. Your pain, my pleasure, serve me with that thought always slave!

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