Mistress Emma, Lust slavery

Lust slavery - the sweetest slavery ever!

I have to admit - I am amazed what kind of things my slaves are ready to do or take or handle with because of the passion they feel when they meet me. Even though they know that with me there is always a border and not a single one of them will ever be able to cross it, they always try. It seems like for them this is the most important thing in the world. They simply can't help themselves! 

It's so exciting for me to drive them crazy. To let them show me the animal that lives inside of them, and then just to sit next to the slave, and order him to control himself. But how long can you control yourself slave, when you have a Goddess like me so close to you. How long before you realize that the lust you feel is stronger than you? And how will you stop yourself? Can you?

No, i do not believe there is a man strong enough to resist me. I do not believe there is a man who can sit close to me and not thinking about my perfect body, my beautiful eyes, my dominant voice, my soft hair...

You will need a lot of help to learn how to behave yourself! The good news for you is that I can give you this help. The bad news is that I will first use your lust against you, and amuse myself for a while before I offer you my help!

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