Mistress Emma - Orgasm denial


Your phone rings, you see my number so you will pick it up! Your WhatsApp beeps, it is my special tone so you will look immediately, or it is just in my studio. I can and will give orders everywhere and at any time convenient to me. And you? You will obey slave!

I will instruct you how and when to play with yourself and sometimes I feel like mentally torturing you very hard. I will then deny you your so wanted relief, your so desired orgasm. Why? Just because I can and just because I love to feel the panic in your body. To see the lust and stress in your eyes! To hear you beg, kneel for me, your absolute Goddess, promising her everything just because you want to come!

How many times have I explained slave! I don’t care about your pleasure. I have you for my amusement and now I play with your mind in a way that is giving me so much satisfaction. And you will not know how long I want this pleasure. Can you come tomorrow? Will you have an orgasm only next Sunday? Will I forbid you to come for a long period? Will I even forbid you to play and edge, a total ban on touching your penis?

Will you obey slave? Will you do what I order? Oh, it is too hard for you? Well, let me just help you by putting a cage on. Now your cock is locked up and you will not be able to touch yourself and thus is an orgasm not possible for as long as I keep the key! How long? You will never know until I release you and set your penis free. And even then slave, you are at my total mercy and I might decide to deny you an orgasm even for a bit longer.

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