My second visit with Mistress Emma

My second visit with Mistress Emma

After my first visit with Mistress Emma in December, I knew from leaving her studio that I made the right choice with Her. Had a few days off after the session, so had some time to let the session really sink in and re-live it in my head. Oh boy, that was quite the rollercoaster (in a good way). In the days after the session I already started planning to return to Mistress Emma and in our conversations I asked if She would be available in January somewhere. Her answer was, no because She was going on her holiday. Well, that was a disappointment, but nothing I could do about it besides accept it.

So the agonizing long wait began. She had given me an estimated date of return. That period came and no news of Her return. Impatient I reached out to Her and the reply was quite fast.  She had no plans on returning soon and it would be about another month before Miss Emma was back. Well, my struggle had to continue for a longer period. When she was finally back I could not wait to make another appointment with Mistress Emma. She asked me how long I wanted the session. I left that choice with her. And She said, let's do a 5-hour session. I agree with that.

But once I said yes, there came the doubts. Not with Mistress Emma, but with myself. Never ever had I played as long as that. Well me and my big mouth. But if you say one thing you have to live up to it as well. However, those thoughts went through my head from to moment I made the appointment until the moment I pressed the bel at the studio. What I already planned in my head was that I wanted to surprise Mistress Emma with a present. So my next step was to go through the Gift section of my Goddess's site. I found a nice gift on Her site to humbly offer, but also bought a second gift. The first one was for sure something She would be happy with. The second one I did on my own. It was not in the gift section of Mistress Emma's site. So I knew I was taking a risk there because it could land me in hot water so to speak.

I mentioned it to Mistress Emma and teased her a bit with it, Her reaction was a nice one. Not going to tell you how she reacted. But the slaves that know here well, can make an impression off that. Note for those who want to surprise her: read the gift section carefully and choose wisely . After we had our conversation about everything in life, it was time to start the second part of our journey. 5 hours in the presence of Mistress Emma is really bliss. The first words in the session were literally “Slave, you going to be hot today”. Well, that did not really ease my mind, but hey you're here enjoy it. Mistress Emma got out a roll of clingfilm and taped me in from my ankles up to my neck. And yes it will get you warm/hot in a short amount of time (normally).

Mistress Emma went onto the bed and teased me there, while I was standing up almost not able to move. Then Mistress Emma even teased me more by saying “You are allowed to lay here next to me”. Try to imagine how to get on the bed while being all wrapped up. Good luck with figuring out a way, that's what was going through my head. Mistress Emma as devious as She was, saw how I was looking for a solution to get on the bed. And made a small biting remark “don't you want to lay here next to me”? After some time I found a way to get on the bed (still completely covered with clingfilm). The next part of Mistress Emma got under way. She challenged me to get out of the clingfilm so I could worship her boots.

Well, I don't think I have to tell anyone that that is a treat on its own, but also a real challenge to get out a full-body enclosure of clingfilm. It was a struggle to get out, not going to say it was easy. But I managed to do it nevertheless. The reward part was a nice one. This was only the first part of getting hot . The second part was as nice as it was devious. Mistress Emma told me it was time for a nice massage in the Mistress Emma style. Obviously, that sounds rather nice, but don't be fooled, there is always a trick up Her sleeve. "I will tie you up because I don’t want you to run away," Miss Emma said with a rather nice smile on her face.

Mistress Emma knows me, She knows that I like that She takes some of my senses away. In this case, it was simple but very effective. My one and only took a towel and put that over my face. Hearing sound is nice normally, but if you can’t tell what is going on it's also a bit disturbing. Helas no other choice than to let it happen. Felt Her touching me and oh yes there was the electro again. Teasing and testing me again. I can’t recall if She said something during the electro. The only thing I know is that Mistress Emma tested my limits with this again. And yes I had to use my safeword at some point. I hate to use them, but it's nice to have them. And is not a shame to use them (for your own best interest).

After this endeavor, Mistress Emma put on a strapon and teased me with that as well. She wanted me to do some things and had a plan of her own. Always nice if two worlds collide and as a Mistress She can take advantage of this. And that is exactly what Miss Emma did. Then She put the spanking bench in the middle of the room ordered me on it and secured me to the bench. No way to escape. Mistress Emma still had her strapon on but also laid some dildos on the bed. She called them the friends of the strapon.

Now it was time to see what was possible over there. I recalled it all and it was rather nice. To the point that yes “anal orgasms exist” and they are quite overwhelming, to say the least. Mistress Emma did notice that I was mentally really exhausted. So she offered me some water to drink, which was also nice of Her, and gave me a much-needed rest for a few minutes. We had some small talk among each other without stepping out of character. That is really a very nice trade that Mistress Emma has. After this, we continued a bit more on the spanking bench (no I was never off the spanking bench). At some point, we went back to the bed. Mistress Emma again had me tied up to the bed, teasing me once again, and hooked me up to the milking machine.

And then I knew I was going to have a hard time, knowing that last time with only a vibrator I failed. So there was only one thing on my mind, I don't want to fail again. In the end, I didn't fail (yeahhhh). At the end of the session, Mistress Emma removed the towel that was over my head again and asked me to kiss her anywhere I wanted. Well for me that was a rather simple choice, there was only one thought of where I wanted that kiss to be, and I did it to a bit of surprise Mistress Emma. I am rather convinced that this was yet another mind game of My Mistress. With this we ended the session, we laid on the bed and talked a bit about it. This is the personal part between Mistress Emma and myself. After I got home, I was still hanging somewhere mid-air, high of the session, and didn't want to come down. It took me a couple of days to get back to the planet Earth.

In the meantime, all sorts of thoughts were going through my head. Even though this was only our second session the trust level was so high, that I decided I had another present for Mistress Emma. Hence I let Her know that I already had yet another gift for Her. A rather nice conversation started with Mistress Emma almost exploding not knowing what it was. (Yes she is a curious creature that wants to know all your secrets). Later that day I told Her what it is (it's personal to me so won't share it). Mistress Emma was in my opinion over the moon with it. In her eyes, it's one of the biggest compliments you can give Her. Your trust in her to help you grow, to lay your body, mind, and soul in her hands. Yes, I trust her, knowing that She won't break that trust.

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