You sinner, you came to your Mistress with all these sins hidden inside you. And you begged me to hear your confession. I listened to all your sins and as it is my divine duty to seek redemption with you, I decided what punishment was appropriate for you. You took the repentance and so I exercised my divine right to redeem you.

But sinner, you know you are week. You will fall into Satan’s claws so easily again! Which is why you will need your Goddess to keep you safe, to prevent you from making the same mistakes again. You know, only I, Mistress Emma, can be your saviour. Only I will be strong enough for the both of us to fight the evil beast inside you.

So, sinner, accept that I am your beacon. Acknowledge my power, and see I am your path to righteousness. Pray to me, worship me and make the necessary sacrifices to the High Priest who is guiding you. Understand you sinner, there is only one remedy to prevent you from future sins: confess and accept me chastising you. There is no alternative way for you!

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