Milk Machine


I guess for you city boys it is very hard to grasp the concept of a milk machine. Well slave, let me enlighten you and tell you about a device that is designed to give you either the ultimate pleasure of an extreme orgasm or it will bring you nearly to the end of your strength whenever I decide to use it for my pleasure.

Have a small fantasy slave: your Mistress will guide you and teaches you how to build the ultimate perfect orgasm. I will tie you to the bed and you will not be able to move a muscle.  Then I will take my milk machine, start it up and then we will build towards the perfect orgasm step by step. It will bring you to the edge several times but as I regulate the tempo and intensity I will control you every step of the way. Realize slave, it will take hours of my precious time to help you built this perfect pleasure. And you slave will have to work extremely hard to reach this goal. The result will be worth all the effort. I know it will be the best orgasm you have ever had.

On the other hand, I might decide to use the milk machine for me to have fun. Ok, I assume you will love the first nice orgasm you have had in it but as the machine only stops at my command it will continue. It will move on and on and will bring you to a second orgasm, a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth ……. I will not interrupt the milk machine and then it will demand every drop of your body fluid, every single drop. Will that be pleasant? I don’t think so! Your penis and balls will ache and you will cry for mercy. Well slave, you see, there is always a risk if you beg your Mistress to let you come, always!


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