Mistress Emma, Orgasm denial


Your heart is pumping, you are breathing heavily! You want to come so badly when you are with me. Looking at me, smelling the subtle scent of my perfume makes you so excited. It should be, after all, I am Mistress Emma, I am your goddess.

Listen, slave, you are in my studio only for my amusement, not for your pleasure! My pleasure comes first always! And I like to see you suffer. I love the sight of you struggling with yourself. And while I let you play long and intense with yourself, I see the growing lust in your eyes. I wonder, will your lust overtake your devotion for me? Will you control yourself enough and accept it is me, Mistress Emma, who decides whether you come or not?

You will control yourself because I say so! And you will not satisfy yourself even if I sent you home without the pleasure of an orgasm. No slave, you will wait for my permission always! And if you think you can please yourself without my permission because you are not with me. Think again, slave! You will control yourself as I am in control of your body and mind! And cheating, not obeying my rules will be punished severe.

Will you be able to handle me controlling you? Will you?

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