You wonder what beauty is hidden in these magnificent boots, don’t you slave? Let me tell you these boots hold the most gorgeous size 36 feet you will ever set eyes on! I know you want to see them, hold and caress them. But will I let you? Well that is all in the future, isn’t it? 

You know you will need to serve your Mistress - Mistress Emma! You will treat me as a goddess and compliment me on my beauty! I will play with you for my amusement and you will obey all my orders, perform all my tasks. Only when I am completely satisfied with your performance I might give you the opportunity to take the boots off my legs and unwrap my tiny, perfectly shaped feet.

I then will order you to massage my feet. If you perform a proper massage I will feel relaxed and less tired. And yes, I see how you enjoy looking at my feet. You will ask me if you can smell the nice scent of my feet and I might even grant you that. Take care of me slave and I will allow you to lick the soles of my feet. And there is a chance I will grant you the ultimate pleasure of sucking my toes in your mouth. You will love it, I am sure! And I will enjoy seeing how much effort you put in satisfying your Mistress - Mistress Emma.

I am convinced you have never seen such beautiful feet in your life nor have you tasted better toes. But will you have that pleasure or not slave?

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