Mistress Emma, Mental games


Have you any idea how often a slave asks me to get out of his head? Well, I can tell you, I don’t care at all because once I am in your head I will not go out until I decide it is time to cut you loose.

Your Mistress likes to play with your mind, it is my right to do so. While in my studio I will be friendly and forgiving but can you be sure there will be no punishment? No, you cannot! I will show you mercy, or perhaps not. I will tie you up but will I release you? You will not know what comes next and this growing uncertainty is for me a very satisfying play with your mind.

I will give you instructions and tasks, both in and outside my studio. You will never know when I contact you and ask you to perform. But it will be in your mind all the time. Will I receive a message from my Mistress today or not? Will I like this task or will I hate it? Will she know if I am performing or not?

You see, slave. For me it’s very easy to play with your body, I am a woman after all. I believe every woman knows how to touch a man’s body and what to do with it. But how to play with a man’s mind! How to force a man to surrender to her and follow each and every one of her orders! To teach him to find pleasure from pain! Well, I don’t believe this is a something that every woman knows and does. This is My specialty!

I will educate you, train you and teach you how to behave. Those lessons will creep into your mind as well. And no matter what you do, somewhere in the back of your head, you will ask yourself, would my Mistress have allowed this action of mine? Would she approve the thoughts I have? Make no mistake slave, there is no escape possible. I will be monitoring you from inside your brain and when you come to visit me again, I will know something is wrong and you will confess what you have done. And then? Well, slave, that is for me to decide and you can only guess.

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