Masturbation under my control, Mistress Emma


You are aware of the fact you are here to please me, aren’t you slave? Well, I will give you a good opportunity to please your Mistress. Look at me! I, your Goddess, am sitting on heaven’s throne. And I can see in your eyes you think of me as beautiful, powerful and mighty. And this is turning you on, isn’t it so slave?

You will obey all my orders you said. So, start playing with yourself. Caress your cock, tickle your balls and show me your excitement! Stroke your cock in a gentle rhythm, and on my command you will stroke faster and faster. But slave, attention! You cannot come until your Mistress allows you to come. Is that clear? Totally clear? Good, so continue and play with yourself. Show me your devotion. Oh yes, I like to watch you while you edge on and on, getting so close to your desired orgasm.

I can see the growing lust in your eyes. I see how hard it is for you to control yourself. You want to come so badly but my orders are crystal clear. Stroke and edge, play with your balls. But you will not come until I give you the permission. It is hard, I know, but remember who you are doing this for; your Mistress Emma!

Slave, until I give the permission you will not know whether I will send you away to take a quick shower without an orgasm or that I will allow you to unload all your sperm. The uncertainty in your eyes makes me feel great. It gives me so much pleasure. You cannot imagine how this is amusing your Mistress, seeing you crawl, hearing you begging for relief. Seeing the tears of hardship in your eyes.

But this is what submissiveness is all about, slave. I decide, you follow! Question is, will you be able to follow your Mistress even in the most difficult situations?

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