Hello, there slave. I know being incarcerated is no fun. And yes, I know you miss Me very Much. Surely, I am aware you need My guidance in your life in order to properly function. I have no doubt you are stressed, scared, you feel yourself lost. The sky looks darker and darker with every next day, and it's getting really hard for you to stay on the bride side of the things. I have no doubt right about now you could use a distraction. You could allow yourself to get lost into the magic world of BDSM as you use to before this entire madness begin. But how can you do so? How can you get to spend a day in my company, when you are locked up in your house? How could you be once again in my presence when we both know we can’t meet alive?

As in innovative Mistress, as your Utmost Goddess, I took care of this issue! I have been called numerous times a day with the request to come up with a solution. And here you have got it! I have decided to let you spend an entire day in my presence online. You will get to hear me and see me from the comfort of your own home. You still get to kneel before me and bow your head in obedience! Of course, you get to serve me and if you know me already, you know this is not an easy task to perform! Can we play online? Sure, we can. Get yourself a rope, a candle, a leather belt, some sort of clamps, few ice cubes. Pretty much anything could be used for the purposes of the game. Can I still inflict pain on you even from a long-distance?

Is that really a question? Do you have any doubt in my abilities? Don’t you know by now that I always get what I want, one way or the other. Once in My presence you will obey Me, there is simply no other way! But if you book my entire day does that means we get to play the entire day? 8 hours session. No stop? No break? Can you possibly endure all that? Let me once again put your mind at ease. You will need to fallow my orders, and perform for me when I want and as long as I want. When I get tired, or thirsty, or even hungry you will have a small tour in my house.

You will accompany Me to My kitchen, where I will get Myself what I want. You can also be left to “rest” on your tippy-toes while I enjoy My lunch or hot coffee. And what happened when it is time for my daily work out? If you are a good little boy and you served Me well so far, I may let you watch me, or even participate in it. If I decide you deserve to be punished, I may lower the camera so you hear Me, but you are allowed to see only my shoes or the top of my head for instance. Slave, I have many ways to make you suffer, to make you hate me and need me badly at the same time!

We can also spend some time talking. You can share your fears and concerns for the future, and let me be there for you. Let me offer you a shoulder to cry and emotional support, so needed today!

If you have read all of the above and you would like to book your own experience you can apply for it politely. You may get in touch with Me and ask about the possibilities and share your preferences with me before booking. The sessions are booked via My phone/WhatsApp. They are held in WhatsApp, Skype or in my own platform for web streaming. Payment upfront is requested in order to book.

Lees Dutch version here...



  1. I am an elderly bi-sexual masochist. I would very much like to be your slave. I have a special request that is not mentioned in our list of things. Please reply.

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