Mistress Emma Boundaries

Boundaries. We all have them. But how many of us actually know where they are? How far you can go? How much you can handle before you surrender? My duty as a Mistress is first to help you find where your boundaries are. And once after we figure this out to help you to cross each and every one of them. I can force you to do so, and I can enjoy this. But I prefer to earn your trust first, and then to listen to you begging me to guide you while you cross your own boundaries. I believe like that we both are going to enjoy this experience. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner and you have no idea how far you can go, or you are a very experienced slave, I believe there is always a challenge. The borders are not only in pain but as well in pleasure. Or in a physical task. They are everywhere around us, and I love to play with them. Do you?

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