Mistress Emma’s property

Mistress Emma’s property

It had been a while since I last wrote about my encounters with Mistress Emma. I believe last time I had been with Her for the 3rd or 4th time. At first, I counted the visits, but now, a year has passed and I can’t remember how many times I have been at Her mercy!

However the last session was a special one, but first things first.

While reading and searching on Mistress Emma’s site I did stumble upon the fact that it was possible to have a Contract with Her – to submit fully to Her. To become a property of Hers. To be her own little puppet for Her’s and Her’s amusement only!

That sounded really appealing. It was almost as though Mistress Emma's little voice lured me deeper into that idea... Almost as though She guided me exactly where She wanted me but only in my head, If that makes any sense! So upon getting more and more into the idea of being Mistress Emma’s personal slave, also on paper, I found the nerve to ask My lovely Dom about it. Small side note, this was the session before the ‘special’ session, so I made my inquiry on WhatsApp. There I explained it all and to my surprise, Mistress Emma had The Contract with her for that session. So we talked a lot about it and I took it with me for consideration. I remember I was so thrilled that night when I got home.

I did read it almost every day but it took me some time to fully accept it. Until our 1st anniversary was at hand. Then I texted Mistress Emma for a session. But simultaneously I explained, that I wanted to sign The Contract, exactly the way She had created it, nothing to change, It looked perfect, and it was the perfect occasion. (Don’t get me wrong, the contract is strict and demanding. It seemed terrifying to me when I first read it. Yet I suppose if you want to get yourself fully in,  you must face the consequences of that decision. You can’t state it in words only, and once it’s time to put those words into action - redact them and extract the real powers of the Mistress, you once claimed you needed!)

So the day of our anniversary was at hand. I came into her domain and was welcomed by Miss Emma's gorgeous smile. We sat for a while and talked and finally, I did sign myself away, to become a part of Her slave army! While writing this it still feels so exciting!

Afterward, we had our session, and I can tell you that Mistress Emma never ceases to amaze me. But this time She blew me off my feet (quite literally). Dome Emma knows how to celebrate an anniversary! I was lifted in the air for about an hour, upside down! She did let me feel that I was Her slave and plaything from that moment on. But also while She tormented and played with me, Miss Emma was so kind to let me hold and find comfort with Her wonderful legs and boots, to whom  I kept clinging.

After that, I was let down. My Mistress gave me some time to catch my breath and then we did continue.

I will not tell all that we did, (a rather significant chunk of it feels very private to me and I want to cherish it on my own), but I loved every second. Like every time I see Her… but this time was mind-blowing. Even Mistress Emma was impressed!

At last, after some more playing and so on we had some time on the bed, and since Goddess Emma knows I am a sucker for boots, especially Hers, She gave me the reward of worshipping them some more!

She is the best Mistress to serve and I am the luckiest man to be Her slave and now officially Her property as well!  I can’t wait to serve You even more, Goddess!

Slave L