Cane’s and Paddles

Canes and Paddles

I am Dominatrix. I love to give you pain, to make you suffer for me. To give you a chance to prove yourself, your devotion, your motivation to serve me and take whatever I have prepared for you. The moment when I grab my cane and swipe it in the air, the noise which the cane makes when it lays on your body. The marks, which I see showing up all over your body. You slave, screaming and begging me for mercy. This is all so exciting for me. It makes me feel so strong, so powerful, so alive. It gives me an enormous amount of adrenaline. What better ways for you to prove yourself to me than to suffer constantly from my hand? What better ways for me to make sure that you will remember me than to give you scarfs, which will remind you of me for the next 10 days at least. And from this moment you will be so afraid of me. In every next session when you see me going close to my paddles and canes you will start to beg me not to use them again. I promise you, slave, you will fear me and my power! You will fear my desire to break you! Once after you are hardly punished you will become a toy in my hands. So many slaves claim that they will never beg, and all of them sooner or later do it. They are all powerless under my paddles and canes. They are just a humans, and how much pain can a human being take after all? How much can you take, slave?

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