So you really think I should respect you more? Think again loser! You do not want me to call you names? Try again, bitch! Is it so difficult to understand the concept of me being your Mistress, you stupid? You are here for my amusement only and I treat you as I please!

And when I want you to bark like a dog, you just will do so! And sure I will put you on a leash if I think that is funny. Are you protesting? Well, the bin is waiting for you and I will just lock you up while I enjoy a nice women’s magazine! Aha, now you want to behave? Ok, a dog cookie is waiting for you, but you should play with the bone a little longer. And if that would not satisfy me enough I will have the curled pigtail and pig mask waiting for you to transform you into an animal perhaps more suitable for you.

Respect you said? Why? Are you too good to clean my boots? On your knees slave, use your tongue to make my boots shine and do not forget the soles of my shoes nor my heels. I will teach you to be humble as a servant. Who do you think you are? In my studio you are nothing at all, never ever forget that!

You make me laugh slave! No, not because you are funny, not at all! But when I see you naked with this very little penis of you I cannot imagine you ever satisfy a woman. The size of your penis reflects what you are: nothing much! Hahahaha!

My superiority comes naturally to me. You are not worthy standing in my shadow. You are a low life slave and I will not lose one chance to make that clear to you!

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