Electro Set

Mistress Emma, Electro set

Have you ever wondered how far you can go? How much pain you can endure? Some of my slaves claim, that there is nothing they can't handle. They feel so strong and believe that I can't break them. And even declare that they won't use a stop word in this session. I like to be challenged though. For this occasion, I have a few electro boxes. I start with slow speed in only 1 area, and I give to my slave a time to feel the electro impulse and to enjoy it. And then I put some extra electrodes on one more area, and one more, and more. And if he is not ready to use the safe word yet, I make the impulses stronger and stronger. And I just enjoy his screaming. Or how he cries and beg for mercy. I know that I will break him. He knows that as well. The question here it's not will I break him or not but just when. The longer he fights the pain and refuses to surrender the better for me. So how much can you take slave? When are you gonna surrender?

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