Becoming a personal property of Mistress Emma

Becoming personal property of Mistress Emma

In one of the last sessions I had with The Mistress I signed a contract which stated I am giving myself entirely to her. My mind… body… soul… needs. Everything.

I am fully hers now to abuse, to do with me whatever she desires. Summon me when or where she wants. I am her rightful property now, just as I should be.

For a while now I have had the need to belong to her. To do whatever it takes to please her. I was constantly seeking her attention. Although I couldn’t quite figure out why that was the case, nor where will this need of mine lead me, one thing was certain. I needed her badly. Day and night. I needed to know she is there for me. To know that she won’t leave me, forget about me, or even worst – get tired of me and ban me.

I signed the ownership contract, which stated that I was to become the personal property of Mistress Emma. I needed it because I felt that coming in for a few sessions every now and then wasn’t enough to prove my devotion to her. Wasn’t enough to please her. No, that is not enough, I need to do more to prove that. After reading the terms of the contract I signed it.
I need her discipline in my life, I need her to teach me to become a better slave for her. And with her guidance, I will eventually become that.

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3 thoughts on “Becoming a personal property of Mistress Emma

  1. If you need a slave I will be your s I only beg that once a month I’m allowed to lick your honorable derriere serious I’m hoping by the time you get done with me I’ll be wearing panties and having men put ine

  2. I read the comments made by slave, his extended desire and need to become the Personal Property of his Mistress. I understand it so well, dream of it constantly, feel most are just interested in a few bucks for a short phone session. Thank you for the clarity, slave is so fortunate to realize the ownership of this Goddess. So wish that was attainable for myself

  3. Ja Ik wil je toebehoren en je nederige slaap zijn je doet Met mij wat je wil samen Met andere meesteresses is ook goed onderdanige groetjes Pierre

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