Becoming a personal property of Mistress Emma

Becoming personal property of Mistress Emma

In one of the last sessions I had with The Mistress I signed a contract which stated I am giving myself entirely to her. My mind… body… soul… needs. Everything.

I am fully hers now to abuse, to do with me whatever she desires. Summon me when or where she wants. I am her rightful property now, just as I should be.

For a while now I have had the need to belong to her. To do whatever it takes to please her. I was constantly seeking her attention. Although I couldn’t quite figure out why that was the case, nor where will this need of mine lead me, one thing was certain. I needed her badly. Day and night. I needed to know she is there for me. To know that she won’t leave me, forget about me, or even worst – get tired of me and ban me.

I signed the ownership contract, which stated that i was to become a personal property of Mistress Emma. I needed it  because I felt that coming in for a few sessions every now and then wasn’t enough to prove my devotion to her. Wasn’t enough to please her. No, that is not enough, I need to do more to prove that. After reading the terms of the contract I signed it.
I need her discipline in my life, I need her to teach me to become a better slave for her. And with her guidance I will eventually become that.

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