Male Chastity Devices

So many of you slaves, claim that you would do anything for me. Whatever I want, whatever I order. But are you ready to be caged? Can you live without touching yourself at all? Without having sex? Can you live without an orgasm for as long as I decide? Maybe a day, maybe a month? A hard question indeed. I have a way to check your devotion. I have chastity device for you! Do you dare to put the cage on and give me the key?Also, do you trust me enough to let me control your life this way? And how are you gonna feel when you realize, that I - your Mistress am the only person in the world who can allow you to use your cock and feel the pleasure again, or maybe not! How much are you gonna hate me for all this? And at the very same time how badly would you need to meet me?

This is the total submission slaves. You are not totally submissive before you try this game. Before you give me the full control over your body not for an hour or a few hours, but for days, and weeks! As long as it takes! So slave, are you totally submissive? Do you dare to try the chastity belt?

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