Hypnosis. Is Mystress Emma a syren


I am relatively new to the BDSM scenes, with only a handful of BDSM sessions under my belt. Mistress Emma is The lady I chose to walk me into that world, and after our first incredibly successful session I must admit I was captured by this twisted lady! So soon afterward a second, and then the third sessions took place in a very short time span. My mental state in between sessions? I wake up, go to work, get back home, and go to bed, just to wake up the next day, and do it again! Once in bed, I will rewrite in my mind everything we did so far: bondage, candle wax and ice cubes, teasing and denial games, some weird buzzing burning tool (neon want is called, I was later thought), some light whipping and even a bit caning.

I was even placed in chastity and kept her mental prisoner for a full week! Yet every next task seemed to me even better than the one before. The more I got the more I wanted! I simply couldn’t say no to Her. Every time, She app me,  I would prove far too weak to ignore Her, to carry on with my day, to deny Her the chance to mindfuck me and naturally lure me back… where I belong!

Not long after our third session, I received a rather strange message from my Divine Domme:

You are due to undergo yet another treatment. This time I want to put you under hypnosis and claim you as my property. Come to me this Saturday 12:00 – 17:00!

That was all. No further explanation whatsoever. Since I already know my Mistress does not allow me to question Her in any way, I simply confirmed. The thing is though… I don’t believe in hypnosis. I simply fail to see how is She going to do that? Is this going to be like in the movies? That seems ineffective, at least for me. So, I approached Her with a grain of salt this time. Don’t get me wrong, I knew already She was going to drive me crazy, yet again, but put me in a trance state of mind, that was a bit over the top even for her… Or so I thought!

The weekend finally came around, and I was at my Mistress’s front door at 11:50. I waited until 12:00 and ring her bell. She appeared before me in a stunning latex mini dress, black with red stripes on it. Furthermore, she wore long latex gloves and tie-high lack boots. She had stunning hair due although a bit tricky for me as a man to describe. Her piercing blue eyes stroke me as daggers, piercing right through me! Here She is, here she is again!

She leaned toward me and give me a kiss on my cheek. I could smell her perfume, flowery, sweet, yet somewhat mysterious, just like Her! But that’s not all, very far from it, in fact! I was impressed by that welcome since normally Mistress Emma tends to keep Her distance from me before the session officially starts.

Nevertheless, I admit I prefer it that way. Once we were both inside the playground, I handed her over her money and was instructed to head to the bathroom right away. No intake conversation this time? Well, obviously not. Upon returning back, I noticed all the lights but a few candles were off. The playground looked spooky, and with a wild beast inside, I admit I was a bit scared. I kneeled before Mistress Emma and offered myself to Her, fully, unconditionally, just as She desires. My Goddess walked behind me, put her cane underneath my throat, and with one swift mode choke me with it, asking am I ready? Ready to get on board? All in, body, mind, soul… It was impossible for me to answer until she released me. Then I whispered: Yes, Mistress! Anything for you, Mistress!

Then she softly touched my cheek with her hand, showing me, she wanted me up. She walked around me in a full circle and stated: I must find you a nice comfortable place, to relax fully, to open up your mind for me. And put me on the massage table, tied up my wrists and ankles, then my torso with the leather belts, and immobilized me fully. Then the music changed, and from her challenging, spiky, risky playlist we went to waterfalls and gentle piano. Almost out of the blue, I was shown and then given the blindfold, which helped me envision Mistress Emma even better before my eyes. Yes, I saw her better with my eyes closed, than I did with them wide open. How is that possible? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for you!

Then she started whispering softly in my ear. She guided me along the way. Her voice kept imprinting itself in my mind. I was able to feel Her with every fiber of my body, even though She wasn’t touching me! I was able to feel Her crawling underneath my skin, yet the feeling was long longed for. I let her take control over every part of me, not only that, I was begging and pleading with Her to do it, to light up the way, to stand by my side, no matter what. By the end of that session, I signed a slave contract and become her property on paper and in real life. I signed off my freedom to Mistress Emma – The one and only! The light in my days. The owner of me.

Why did I go the extra mile? Was I hypnotized, to do so? Is Mistress Emma a syren? But most of all – Do I really care? Do I need the answers? – No, I have all I need already!

Thank you, Mistress Emma!

Humble greetings!

Slave R