Mistress Emma - Restrictions

Well slave, from time to time we face restrictions. And be sure, when you come to visit me and once you submit yourself to my control you will learn all about them. There are the obvious restrictions like the cage, de St. Andreas Cross or the body bag. Read my blog carefully and learn all about these ones.

The question is whether you can live with another kind of them? Restrictions that influence your daily life? Restrictions that emphasize the control I have over you? This is the type of restrictions I impose on my slaves to teach them how the relation between a Mistress and her submissive is. Let me give you an example: I can, and for sure I will order you in denial for a certain period. You then will have no sex, no orgasm until I lift this restriction. Will you execute my order or will you cheat on your Mistress? An even harder task is another denial restriction. Your task is to edge every day, but you cannot have an orgasm, again, as long as it pleases me.

One of my favourite restrictions is to forbid you to contact me. I will demand you will refrain from looking at my website of my blog. You will not be allowed to call me or talk to me in a live chat session. No matter how hard you need your Mistress, there is no option but to comply with this task. Sure, again you can choose to disobey but as you read in my blog all actions have their consequences. So, think before you act slave!

Restrictions are not to tease or mock you. I impose restrictions to teach you your place. It is always me, your Mistress, who is in total control of our relationship. I decide your freedom to think or act. Your Mistress is guiding you to become a much better slave/man then you were before. And once you come to understand that slave, I will lift the restrictions and reward you for your good behavior.

I wonder if you dare to live with my restrictions, I really wonder.

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