Getting locked up for the first time!

Getting locked up for the first time!

Getting locked up for the first time!

As you can see from the title, I was getting locked up in chastity for the first time in my life. But let’s start from the beginning. I am a male from Austria in my mid-twenties. I had my first BDSM session with Mistress Emma when I was 21. When I’m able to fly to the Netherlands, the session by Mistress Emma is always the highlight of the trip.

Because of the long distance between us, we often have online contact. So, She still has The power over my body and mind!

One day She sent me a video with the order to buy a chastity cage. To be honest, I gave little thought to what might happen to me next. I was thinking it was another game like many others… how foolish I was.

When the chastity cage arrived, I contacted Her immediately.  Sure enough, Mistress Emma wanted to do an online session with me before She locked me up. I won’t get into details about the session now but She allowed me one last orgasm during the session. Then, She locked me up for 72h.

For the first 10h, I was not really thinking much about it. It was just a different feeling between my legs, that’s it. I was still satisfied with the session anyway. But on the second day when I get horny again, the pain kicks in instantly. The later the day, the more difficult it became not to be stimulated. I was only driving by an advertisement with an underwear model on it and the pain kicks in, the pain Mistress Emma is giving me - as a punishment for being horny without her permission. During that day I understood something really well: it is not a game, it is real torture!

After I finally had completed this day, the night came.

It was the most painful night of my life.

I was writing to my Mistress: “I am going through hell for you right now.“

What it really was.

The longest 72h I‘ve ever had.

It's the vicious circle of only thinking about the cage and getting horny. Then the pain instantly kicks in. The pain I‘ll get from Her through the cage! I immediately regretted being horny, which makes me even more horny and the pain rises incredibly! During that night I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think, and finally, I knew: Once you are in Mistress Emma's hands there is absolutely no escape at all!


Thank you for owning me, Mistress!

I will do anything for you to please you!