A happy day in hell, Mistress Emma


It is a special day today because I am going to give up completely my freedom to Mistress Emma. I'm going to sign a special contract, where I'll hand myself over to Mistress Emma for the rest of my life. This means that I no longer have anything to say about any aspect of my life.

Mistress Emma had one condition before I would have the honor of giving my life, myself, my everything to Her. Once again, I have to show my loyalty and willingness to Her in the form of a session of a whole day. This day I would be extremely tortured and humiliated in every possible way with no stop word.

I have been looking forward to this day for a long time and I had prepared well for it, getting super fit, otherwise, I cannot keep up with such an experience. I ring the doorbell and my Mistress opens in a beautiful fire red lacquer catsuit with beautiful high black boots underneath. The Suite, where I normally sit with Goddess Emma and we engage in a small conversation before the beginning of the session was now a bit different. I couldn’t quite get what had changed, but I had this strange feeling. I knew there was something there…

Mistress Emma ordered me to get on my knees at the door and immediately puts on a collar and puts me on a leash. On my hands and knees, I was pulled into the bathroom. Goddess Emma orders me to undress within a minute while still on my hands and knees on a leash underneath her. Then she pulls me a bit further to the shower area and ordered me not to move a muscle. Still on my hands and knees. Then Mistress Emma turned the shower on but the water was freezing cold. My Goddess sprayed some shampoo on my back and quickly ordered me to smear myself with it. After I rinsed clean, I had to dry myself as soon as possible. This was a bit too slow for Mistress Emma and she gave me a full kick in my stomach. This was a warning for more to come later that day.

Once done with the shower, Mistress Emma pulled me into the playroom and ordered me to stand against Andrew's cross. I was tied very tightly so that I can no longer go anywhere. Then Mistress Emma came very close to me and stand with Her Divine body against mine for a moment. And just like that, She turned around and whispered softly in my ear: "Hello my slave, today you are going to prove your worth to Me by taking so much pain, that by the end of this day you won’t be able to stand or think straight anymore. You will be rewarded with 5 breaks today, 2 of those I will call and the remaining ones you are allowed to call yourself. But use them wisely, slave because once they have all been used there is no more break for you!

After saying these words, Mistress Emma toke a beautiful black head mask and put it tightly around my head with only an opening near my mouth and possibly my eyes. She also takes a gag with a decent dildo that goes into my mouth and I was tied up. "So, slave this will be your dress code for the rest of the day. Now get used to the feeling of being deprived of all of your senses my little puppet, you are just an object for me to use however I want"

There I would hang completely bound and just waiting for what was to come. In a while, Mistress Emma did something to my mask, and I was suddenly allowed to see. Because my Mistress likes to see the fear in my eyes. Then my Goddess toke a few big nipple clamps and starts playing and turning. After doing this for about 10 minutes She whispered in my ear again: "I think that is enough warming you up, don't you think slave". Then Mistress Emma picked up a device that immediately frightens me. It is called the tower of pain. In which your nipples are pinned down and by means of a turning system, the amount of pain can be adjusted. She puts the device on my nipples and starts tightening it.

The amount of pain was already unimaginable, with every turn it was more and more difficult to handle. I know I don't want anything else than being the property of Mistress Emma, so this thought kept me going. She quit spinning and left it alone and said: "slave I am going to make a phone call so you just stay there nice and tight until I am back". Then just like that She walked to the bank and starts calling someone. I still hang in there with the tower of pain on my nipples. The conversation lasted forever and I started to get a bit restless. ‘’Did she forget me’’ I thought? How long do I have to sit with this pain? After 10 minutes she happily came back and stand in front of me again. She sensually moved her body against me only through the tower of pain still on my nipples this was all but nice. And She looked at my now anxious eyes with a soft smile and slowly started to unscrew the tower …with the last jerk and a big dash of pain she pulls it off. We had only been busy for an hour, so I could only guess how the next 11 hours would go. Mistress Emma toke some ice cubes and slowly rubbed them on my nipples. This was a very nice feeling and make the worst pain disappear.

After She has put away the ice cubes, My Goddess came back to me. She stroked my upper body with her hand and suddenly grabs my cock and balls with a big jerk and she whispered in my ear again: "these are mine now little slave". After these words, Mistress Emma grabs my throat with her left hand and puts her right knee against my balls and presses it up with. And one more time, once again, it just keeps going. After 20 knees She quickly detached me from the cross and I sink to the floor.

Mistress Emma sits down on her bed and pulls me towards her with the leash. "A very promising start of our day little slave, you may worship, kiss and suck my boots now". This was one of my favorite things in my life! After thanking Her I was able to smell and taste Mistress Emma's Divine boots for almost an hour. In the end I had to lie flat on my back and she starts fucking my mouth with her gigantic heel. I choke almost a few times, but I especially liked it all. After doing this for 15 minutes I get my first break from Mistress Emma. I have got some food and drinks (water and dry bread) that I had to eat like a dog from dog bowls without using my hands. I was then tied to the bed where I could rest for another 15 minutes waiting for the next torture that was definitely waiting for me…

After I have been allowed to rest for 15 minutes by my Mistress, I hear Her heels coming. And there she was! Coming back to me in her beautiful outfit! With every second She was getting closer and closer to me! I could smell her wonderful perfume. I could feel her getting underneath my skin, who am I kidding She lives there. She runs her lips close to mine and just when I thought She is going to give me a little kiss, my Domina quickly puts the gag with a dildo in my mouth. This drives me crazy with longing, but there is nothing I can do because I am completely tied up and my Mistress is always off-limits. But now I was pushed to the max.

She gets down and started to suck on my nipple very gently. Sucking quickly turned into biting to almost ripping off my already sensitive nipples. After this prelude, she brought her mouth to my ear again and whispers: "Are you ready to suffer again little slave". "Yes Mistress, everything for You, my Mistress" I answered. "That is good to hear slave because the more you suffer for Me the, happier I will be". After these words she slowly crawled off the bed and walked back and started to mess around in the back. She returned with a number of straps with which she can tie me up even more. While doing this she said: "for this next torture I have planned for you it is important that you can't move at all little slave".

After Mistress Emma has tied me up properly, She tokes the electrical box. I looked at Her in horror and She laughed: "you know what this means slave, yes I am going to electrocute your whole body today". And just like that, Mistress Emma starts with my balls and stick 3 plasters on them. Was that enough? Of course not. Not enough for Her! Then, She pulled a kind of rubber condom over my dick with an electrical connection. And put 3 stickers on the inside of my thighs. Then 2 pillars on the sides of my belly and on each nipple. Only for my nipples, my Goddess had something special in mind. She walked back for a moment and take a nice leather box with needles in it. She puts no less than 3 in each nipple. Then my Mistress plug everything in and take a step back to look at the result. And with a smile on Her face, she said "this is going to be fun little slave"

I was terrified and didn’t know what kind of pain I was going to experience at any moment. The next thing I know, Mistress Emma turned on the machine and start at level 1. This continues for about 10 minutes. Then it gets up a notch and after a few minutes again higher. After 45 minutes we reached level 6 and the pain was already unreal. Mistress Emma saw this and whispered: "keep it going slave, try to enjoy for your Mistress, because She knows best". Every level up now felt like it has doubled every time. She left it on and disappeared, or so I thought. I felt She was gone forever and I was only focused on handling the pain.

After almost 20 minutes She came back and asked: "how are you doing slave?" Of course, I couldn't answer because of the gag. "Listen slave there are 2 more levels you need to go through and I know you can do it". After these words, we went one level higher and I felt almost nothing anymore. My body tingling but still calm in some crazy way. After 5 minutes she said, "here we go slave, the last one". And She did it! At that moment it did not make much difference anymore because I could barely feel. After a few minutes she switched off the electrical box and I actually fall asleep immediately. I was so broken ...

A bit later I wake up and Mistress Emma was next to me! She told me how proud She is of me. I was released and I fall back on my hands and knees on the floor. She pulled me back to the dog boxes where I could drink and eat again. After 10 minutes She, drag me to the prison area where I was completely secured on a chair, blindfolded and wearing mittens. Then She connected 3 chain nipple clamps to my nipples and put a burning candle just half a meter below my balls.

I immediately felt the heat against my balls and I hear the sound of a cell door closing. A long time has passed and the burning feeling was getting worse. Then suddenly my mittens and blindfold were off and Mistress Emma was standing in front of me smiling. "Good evening little slave did you had a good rest". I answer hesitantly ‘’yes Mistress! Thank you so much’’. She replied: "Well that is good to hear because you have got almost 3 hours of rest. I think it is about time that we enjoy our evening don't you think slave"? I had no idea that so much time had passed since it was now 7 o'clock in the evening and only 3 hours to go. For a moment I felt relief, but that soon transformed into sadness, because I prefer to stay in Mistress Emma's presence forever.

I was released and taken out of the cell. I was pulled back on four legs to the dog boxes where my evening meal was waiting. This was actually quite tasty: it was rice with satay and beans. Only I wasn’t allowed to use my hands so this made it difficult. After the dinner I was taken back to the playroom, or rather the torture room as I saw it today.

I get tied up on a bench with my butt hole extended outward. Actually, I already knew what time it was. Mistress Emma rumbles in the back again and then comes to my nose with a giant strap-on around her waist. "So, slave let’s see how well you are going to use this toy". Afterward, Mistress Emma put a new gag in my mouth. This one has a kind of cage at the mouth part that opens my mouth wide. After Mistress Emma put it on, She slowly put the strap-on in my mouth.

The new mouth gag made me completely powerless. She was going faster and deeper and before I know it, She was deepthroating me full force. I choke almost a few times but she wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t do anything but gagging. After a few tough minutes, my Goddess toke the strap-on out of my mouth again. I needed to catch my breath but She only gives me a 2 minutes rest for. Then Mistress Emma start to fuck my mouth again. I was tense, anxious, I was wondering what comes next.

This feeling quickly disappeared when I suddenly felt sharp points running over my back. It was the spike roller that she then rolled over my back with full force. This went on for another 10 to 15 minutes until she finally stopped the spike roller. I was exhausted but also satisfied that I had persisted and honored that Mistress Emma wanted to do all this with me.

I was released and ask for a break myself. Mistress Emma agreed and escorted me back to the cell where I could sit on the chair under lock and key.

After half an hour, Mistress Emma returned and looked at me with a smile, as always. I was again escorted to the dog boxes where I could drink something and get some chocolate from Mistress Emma. After this I was escorted back to the play area where I was again secured to the Andreas cross. This time with my stomach against it.

Domina Emma stroked my whole body with her hands and told me how happy She is with me so far. Just when I thought there might be a relaxed part, I felt her mouth go to my ear again. "Well slave there is only one thing left to do and that is maybe the most important one". I looked at Her confused. And then I heard, "slave if you are going to be my property you need to be properly marked don't you think". I immediately knew what this meant! "We have little time left so I am going to whip you as hard as I can for the next 30 minutes".

She walked back and got all kinds of whips, and puts them on the leather sofa behind me. There was no warming up now, because from the first stroke to the 1000th everything went at full speed. I felt my back and butt split open with every stroke and there was no stopping. After what seemed to take forever, my Goddess stopped hitting and stepped back to take a look at her performance.

She was of course very happy with it and immediately released me. I fall to the ground! After recovery, Mistress Emma strokes my hair and whispers in my ear how happy She is with me. Now there really is no turning back for me!

As with any session, with good behavior of my side, Mistress Emma allowed me to massage her feet and spoil myself while I do that. I can always generate energy from that!

After the session really came to an end and I had a shower, we were still thinking about it. We discussed how everything went. Upon that followed the moment of truth, in which I have got The contract. With is signed, I put my life forever and completely in the hands of mistress Emma. I did not hesitate for a moment and signed it immediately. From now on, being a slave is the only goal in my life and what a lucky man I am, to be owned by such a Goddess.

Your humble slave, casper

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