Redemption! A divine right!

You come to your divine Mistress full of sins. You beg me to help you to purify yourself, you are looking for redemption. You want your sins to be forgiven.

Did you for one second think that after your confession sins automatically would have been forgiven? Think again, you sinner! Think about who is guiding you on this path of redemption. Realize it is me, your Mistress Emma, who will judge what is the appropriate penance for your sins. Only I decide how hard, how long, how intense your punishment must be. It is a divine duty!

Redemption doesn’t come easy! You will accept the punishment given to you. You will not complain, you will not stop me no matter how painful it is. I will remind you over and over again which sins need to be forgiven and you will know how wrong you are and thus you accept whatever your goddess gives you.

And still, you sinner, must I really remind you that only I can redeem you? It is my divine right and I will exercise my right as I please, don’t you ever forget that!

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