Candle wax / Ice cubes

Mistress Emma, Candle and wax

Do you like kinky games? Have you ever wondered how a simple object like an ice cube, or just a candle can make you scream? Incredible isn't it? Sometimes for a perfect session, I need to use an inventory of thousands of euros, and sometimes all I need is a piece of ice. Frequently I light my candle, and I let my slave feel the hot wax all over his body. And when this is hot enough, I just take an ice cube and touch his skin. Very softly, very slowly. As you can imagine, this is the moment, when the slave screams. He feels pain and excitement at the same time. But usually, they don't use the safe word. Not yet. Although it is painful, it's also kinky, and so perverted. If my point is to break the slave though, I still have a trick up my sleeve. I can cover all his spine with ice cubes, and to let him feel the wax just next to the ice! I believe every slave has to try this at least once in his life and feel the sensation!!! The combination of cold and hot, my dominant voice, challenging you to prove yourself to me, the atmosphere, where you know that you have no choice, but to take it, to take all I have prepared for you and to handle it. So slave, now the question is are you ready for this sensation?

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