Mistress Emma the Hague, Meesteres Emma Den Haag, Rope

Have you ever wonder what would it be to give all control over yourself, your body and mind to another person? To be tied up with rope and to depend on this other person completely? When you are tied up, you are helpless and your senses increase. You have no idea what would happen next. Just a simple object like an ice cube can drive you crazy. Every touch, every smell feels much stronger. You are there, but you are just a puppet in my hands. It's impossible for you to move, to stop me, to change anything at all. You are totally submissive. And it feels so intense and so relaxing at the same time. You can't possibly make a mistake, just because you are not in control even on your own body.You are there only to take. Take everything - pain or pleasure. or a combination of them both. Or just a mental game, which you can't stop. Are you ready to confess all your sins? Are you ready to offer yourself to me? And can you handle me?


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