Mistress Emma - Punishment Reward


Women should be treated with the utmost respect always, and especially your Mistress wishes to be treated like the Queen she is. Obviously, a slave has a choice. He can choose to listen, to obey by fulfilling my orders and tasks. A choice can be to worship me, to buy gifts, to please me in every possible way. A slave can choose to speak to me well-mannered and to show me he respects my position in our relation.

A slave also can make a totally different choice. By disobeying my orders, by not fulfilling the tasks I give him. He can choose not to please me at all, not bringing me in a good mood by giving me his attention and buying me little gifts.

Sure, a slave can make his own choices. But every action has consequences. And as your Mistress, it is my right and my duty to correct those actions that are out of order. You will leave me no other choice than to punish you. On the other hand, if a slave treats me well, shows me how much he respects me and follows my guidance always, I might be encouraged to reward you, to show you my appreciation.

How do I punish or reward you? Well slave, that is all up to my discretion. You might tell me what you like, what your desires are, but your Mistress will make the ultimate decision what is right for you. So, slave, can you make the right choices?

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