Mistress Emma, Boundaries

Do you know yourself? Do you know where your boundaries are?

Everyone, no exception, has his boundaries. The main question however is, are you aware of your boundaries? Do you know what your limits are? Have you any idea how far you can go? How much pain or pleasure you can take? How deep your devotion to your Mistress can be? Do you know how dedicated you can be?

Slave, it is my divine task to guide you! To bring you to your boundaries, to explore them and eventually to cross them. Only I have the power to show you the next phase of submission. Only I, Mistress Emma, am able to teach you that there is always a step further.

Do not worry slave! I am a professional Mistress! I know that you think about your boundaries, but only I can help you discover your real limits. Only when we have found them I will be able to set up a program to learn you how to deal with the outer boundaries of your body and mind. It will take time and effort, sure! But you will learn from me that, once you have explored your boundaries and once we have crossed the first one, you can trust me like no other. Trust me to search for the next limit, cross that one and together we will build this great relation of trust. Only in that relation, we can work on the discovery of your extremes, your deepest desires, and needs. Only in this trustful relation, I can be your teacher and guide.

Will you start trusting me, slave? Trusting me on your path of discovery of boundaries? Trusting me as your guide and coach in crossing your limits?

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