I like the blindfolds because they bring chaos to my slaves' mind. Once after a slave walks into my fully equipped BDSM house he is amazed by the inventory. All the toys, all the furniture, all the twisted possibilities that I have there are already running through his mind. And when I tie him on my bondage bed, or at the cross he begins to feel powerless. Totally out of control. So small and so afraid. Then it is a time for me to put a blindfold over his eyes.

Some of my slaves get claustrophobic! They beg me to remove the blindfold, so they are aware of what is about to happen. The longer they stay blinded the more scared they will be. I love the fear in their voice. I enjoy so much watching them beg and beg for mercy.

And if this is not enough I will let you hear the stripes of my whip very close to your naked body. Or maybe the sound of my heals, coming close to you or walking away! Or the sound of some of my vibro or electro toys. I can drive you crazy, only playing with your mind. 

I can make you cry, or scream, or beg me without even touching you! 

And this is just a beginning of the game. What comes next? Well call me if you dare, and I might grant you the privilege of a session with me - Mistress Emma, where you will figure this out on your own. But be careful!  If you don't know how to treat a Mistress on the phone, be sure that I will reject you and put you on my blacklist before you even get a chance to meet me!

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