Mistress Emma blog, about the whips

The crack of a whip is the epitome of SM

It explodes like lightning from the hand of a Goddess, it snakes through the air like a dragon’s claw. It’s evil, languid, precise, supremely savage, and sensuous. In short, it is as sexy as it is dangerous.

It can create a range of sensations from delicate to cruel. Therefore it can be as subtle as a lover’s tongue or as frightening as a chainsaw.

Such is the fantasy, such is the reality.

After the whip cracks, it is ready to crack again, and again and again….

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a cruel, strong, demanding Lady holding a whip and coming close to you. The feeling for a slave is a mix of fear and at the same time excitement. You know what will happen next and as afraid you are from it, you know that you want it. To feel the power on the Mistress, to prove yourself to her. And at the end to beg for her mercy!!!

Corporal punishment is one of my favorite games. Which is why I  have a collection from more than 20 whips: black snake, bullwhips,  stock whips, signal whips, dog sled, riding crop,  cat o’ nine tails!

I have also a big arsenal of canes and paddles!

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Mistress Emma den Haag, Whips