Falling under her spell

Falling under her spell

I recently had my second session with Mistress Emma. After our first session about three weeks earlier I immediately knew I wanted to see her more often.

Slightly nervous I rang the doorbell. The sound of her high heels grew louder as she approached the front door. She opened the door and welcomed me in. Dressed in a short and tight, shiny black dress and boots to match She greeted me with a smile that suggested She had some devious plan in store for me.

With her spectacular outfit and perfect hair and make-up, Miss Emm looked like The Dominatrix I had always dreamed of.

We went inside and sat down for a little chat. On the table in front of me was an armbinder. Prior to our session, I had asked if she would like to incorporate an armbinder into our session. And sure enough, there it was…

After our chat I went to get ready and returned to the playroom, wearing nothing but some shiny thigh-high boots and long matching gloves.

She gave me a thorough inspection. I passed the inspection and she slowly started to strap my arms tightly into the armbinders. This felt absolutely heavenly. With every strap she tightened and every lace she pulled tight I could literally feel Her control and power over me take over.

When Mistress Emma was done my arms were bound tightly behind my back with absolutely no wiggle room or chance of escape.

While being tied up my excitement had grown. This did not go unnoticed by Mistress Emma. When She was done she grabbed me by my penis and led me across the room. I followed in my high-heeled boots as best as I could.

On the other side of the room, there was a collar attached to the wall. She put me up against the wall and tied the collar around my neck, strapping me firmly to the wall.

Now it was time for her to put her devious plan into action.

As I was strapped in armbinders and attached to the wall, all I could do was stand there and watch. She said She was gonna put on a little show for me. I could watch and enjoy it but I was under no circumstances allowed to come. To make this game a bit more challenging she added a vibrating cock ring.

She lay down on the bed in front of me and slowly moved across the bed. Her little black shiny dress would catch the lights of the studio and perfectly showcased the curves of her body.

She slowly moved towards me and moved graciously in front of me, gently biting my nipples. Every move She made hypnotized me, got me addicted to Her, got my head spinning...

I could have stayed there like that forever but after some time she decided it was enough and untied the collar and armbinder.

I was ordered to sit down in a chair where I was tied up again. Using a vibrator I was subjected to a cruel edging. My struggle was a great source of entertainment for Mistress Emma.

After a while, I couldn't hold it any longer and came. However, I came without Mistress Emma's permission...

Displeased with my disobedience I had to make it up to Her. She put me in the position where I belong: at Her feet and under Her heels. As She lay on the bed She ordered me to lick and worship her boots until She was satisfied.

The bed was surrounded by mirrors so as I was worshipping her boots I could catch glimpses of her beautiful body in her beautiful outfit from every angle.

After my tongue had shined her boots to a perfect shine our time was unfortunately up.

Afterward, we had a little chat again to reflect on our session. This was only our second session but I already know I won't be able to escape the hold Mistress Emma has over me. Nor do I want to! I feel the strong urge to be tied up by her and to be held as her servant.

Mistress Emma is an absolutely beautiful woman, both inside and out. She's a strict Mistress but is also incredibly kind and gentle. A perfectly dangerous combination. I'm so glad I found Her and booked that first session with her. I look forward to all the future sessions we will have and am very excited to see what plans She has for me and the journey She will take me on.

Your servant,