Gynaecology Chair

Gynaecology chair


No, I am not your doctor but that doesn’t mean I should not examine your body closely! So, have a seat in my gynaecology chair, spread your legs and I will have a look. And no slave, I will not look for any abnormalities. I will only determine how I can play with you. How can I have the most fun with your body while under my total control.

I might want to spread your legs further. Does it feel uncomfortable? Well, that is pleasing me! I now can see very well where to put my dildo and it is so much easier to see which size would fit. And I have these nice surgical gloves I will put on. Oh yes, slave, one finger, two fingers or perhaps my whole hand will enter your anus for a good rectal examination.

And if you think you can escape from my chair, think twice slave! I have the possibility to tie you up, both hands and legs. And you know very well that I love you being immobilized to increase the possibilities for me to play. And do you see this nice large syringe? Will I use that as an anaesthetic? Or will it be for something else? Wait and see slave, your examination is not yet finished.

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