Are you ready to transform yourself? To become a bitch? But not just a bitch! To become my bitch? My fucking horny slut? You wonder if you can do that? No more questions! I have everything you need to look stunning and slutty so you can see yourself as a slut you really are! 

First of all the lingerie - black or red, satin or lace. I will choose what is the best for your body. And after that, you continue your transformation with a little black dress, or maybe a leather skirt and corset, or a shiny red dress. We will see what is the best choice for you. And no, I am not done yet. After the lingerie and the clothes, it is a time for shoes. Stiletto, platforms, pumps, sandals or boots size 36 till 46. We have to match the shoes with your dress. Finally when we are ready with your clothes and shoes we go where? Yes, this is right, we put a wig on your head, some jewels and makeup. You have nice hands, and you need a perfect manicure? No problem I will help you here again. 

When I finish with you, you will look so sexy! Will be hard for you to recognize yourself! I want you to feel amazing! To feel as a bitch we both know you actually are. Then I will give you your bitch name, and I will use this bitch. You are gonna dance for me. I want to see the excitement in your eyes! You are gonna make a strip for me. Or you are gonna show me your catwalk. I will make you a toy in my hands, and I promise you-you will love this and will beg me for more! 

Are you ready to be transformed? Do you dare to see yourself like a bitch? 

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