CBT I torture, you suffer, I enjoy!



I torture, you suffer, I enjoy!

Men think they are superior, they think they are allowed to use their penis for their fun only but once in my hands I do whatever I want, after all, I am your Mistress! And for my pleasure, I do like to torture you and I make you suffer best while torturing your cock and balls!

You better be shaved intimately or else I do have to use a candlestick and candle wax to remove your pubic hair. I then will decide how to start: will I use ropes, chains or belts to restrain your cock and balls? Will I use a small whip or a cane to hit you? Will I smear the head of your cock with a nice mint toothpaste or even a pepper sauce like Indonesian sambal?


I am sure I am tempted to use clamps on your balls, I love to put weights on the clamps to make it even more difficult. I probably will use nice heavy ball stretchers and the weight will put a lot of pressure on your balls. And guess what really is putting the pressure on? Yes, your Mistress standing on your genitals, on one foot perhaps or just driving my high heel in your scrotum.

You are not yet surrendering to your Goddess? Make no mistake! I will use my electro kit to send nice current through your testicles and a sounding rod will fit nicely in your penis slave!

I will hurt you, more and more and the more I see you suffer, the more I will enjoy looking at you. Totally weak, under my control. It will humiliate you, make you feel so small. Now, who is really the superior, slave? Who is?


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