Body bag

Mistress Emma The Hague, Meesteres Emma Den Haag, Body bag

I have at my disposal a leather Body bag where I love to put my slaves in. There you lay comfortably and safely. Or at least you think so. Once after I chain you inside the Body bag I can open the zip as much as I want so I can reach a certain part of your body, while the rest is still covered. I can focus my attention on your chest (nipples), torso, legs... wherever I want. Why the Body bag? Because once after you are inside you are in the trap. You can't run away. Or release yourself. You can't stop me or change the game. This is a challenge for you slave. To prove that you trust me completely with your life. Also to offer your body and mind to me and let me do what ever I want.  To show me once again that there is nothing you won't take or handle for your Mistress! And this is not all. Usually, I use the Body bag in combination with some of my masks, so slave, you won't be just tied up on the table. You can't see what is about to happen with you. You can hear me, you can feel me but you have no idea what it's coming next. I can make you beg me to stop before I even touch you. I can break your mind before I start to play with your body! Are you ready for this slave? Are you ready for me? 

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