Masks – Sensory deprivation

Mistress Emma The Hague, Meesteres Emma Den Haag, Masks, Sensory deprivation

I have a variety of masks and hoods for you slaves. A lot of you claim that you trust me with your life, but are you ready to prove this to me? I like to tie you up in my bondage bed, to put a gas mask on your head, and to watch you straight in the eyes. To enjoy the growing fear in your eyes, to make you wonder will I let you take some oxygen...

I use my masks also for sensory deprivation. Once after I put the mask on your head, you won't be able to see, to smell, even to hear anything. Like this way at first, you get curious. But pretty soon you get confused, scared, and you need to stop this, to escape, to end the game. Although you know that in my room I make the rules. I decide when the game start and stops.

Occasionally I force some of my slaves, who deserves punishment to remain for a period of some hours spread-eagled against the wall, with their fingers put high above the head against the wall, the legs spread apart and the feet back, causing them to stand on their toes with the weight of the body mainly on the fingers.

Sometimes I enjoy using a hood on your head and lead you as a prisoner going to the electric chair. Can you imagine how are you going to feel slave? Can you imagine yourself under my hood?

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Mistress Emma The Hague, Meesteres Emma, Den Haag, Masks