My first visit to Mistress Emma

My first visit to Mistress Emma

Let me start where my journey started. After many years away from the scene and getting back into it - the hard search began to find the right Mistress for me. This is not from a selfish point but from a point that there has to be a connection from both sides to make it work. So I can only judge from my perspective on this, because like any Mistress always says “I can't read your mind, so express yourself” goes the same way for me. I can't read the mind of the Mistress. By reading their websites and stories you get a pretty good idea of how a Mistress is. But sometimes that even remains a mystery.

Somehow one day I stumbled upon the site of Mistress Emma. What I will do is not read the possibilities section at first. For me that is like a menu, and on most occasions that is quite the same. So there are not too many surprises and info there on a Mistress. My way is going through the stories and blogs. That is where I get my info about a Mistress and what makes Her unique. What drew me to the blogs was 1 common theme with Mistress Emma. Her desire to be in your mind and to search for your limits and boundaries. Subsequently, upon finding them, cross them or let you push them yourself.

For me, that was the kickstart I needed to go through Her whole website. Read all the blogs. The blogs are all more than I can take - that was obvious to me. Then go through the equipment part of the site (always nice to read), then the fetish/possibilities part of the site. Well, there was a surprise for me. Mistress Emma had a pretty detailed explanation of it, with warning signs in some of them, like: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! or WARNING - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE - PROCEED WITH COUTION! Those are triggers for me, as a highly competitive person.

So after this, there was only one option for me. That was to app Mistress Emma with the question if She could and would see me with some physical limitations in mind. I gave Mistress Emma a few fetish/possibilities to work with. To my surprise, I got a swift response that She wanted to see me. She mentioned a date and that is where we are now.

Not new to the scene so ringing the bell is not hard. Meeting a (new) Mistress is not scary but more of an anxious part. But in this case with Mistress Emma it went all natural. We had a quite long intake, going back and forth over some BDSM-related things and my previous experiences. This long intake gave Mistress Emma a pretty good idea of what makes me tick and what to expect in terms of reactions.

On the session part, I'm not going to tell a lot (in detail that is). Not that I don't want but more because it's so personal. My experience will not be of someone else. Your own emotions and mood play a very big role in that. One thing I will reveal is that I asked Mistress Emma to get into my head. Due to bad experiences in the past, I closed my mind off. And if you want it to work and get a connection that is what has to be achieved (as I see it, otherwise it's just a technicality that is being performed from both sites). Well, that is exactly what She did. Mistress Emma got in my head with what I guess was within 10min...

That was all it took for Mistress Emma to get a hold of me. To get me where She wanted me to be. And after this barrier was passed it was literally " Let the games commence”. She put me on a bed strapped me down put a hood on and blindfolded me. Then Miss Emma went to town with candles. See if She could find some boundaries/limits. I think I called in one of the safewords (but I really can't recall that, still a blur).

After that, it was electro time and oh boy, that is an experience on its own. And that is where Mistress Emma found a boundary/limit. At one point I had to call a safeword. And oh my Goddess, what do I hate that (my competitive nature kicks in). But also realising that the words on Mistress Emma her site are oh so true. It's not a question if Mistress Emma will break you, it's the question of when will you break and give in.

And of course, we ended the session on a high, and foolish enough of me, I could not control myself. (Let your own imagination run wild about what that could/would have been, not giving that away). She warned me beforehand there was a heavy price to pay if I could not control myself. After that happened, I got the biting remark of Mistress Emma “All men are the same”. Well, that was a nice remark on the fight I was already having with myself about not controlling myself, adding a bit of extra fuel to the fire.

At this point, we ran out of time, which meant the punishment that Mistress Emma warned me about was still pending. For me lucky it was not right away, because mentally I was drained. The hard part and the nice part of it, that still stands and it will be on my mind for the next session, and Mistress Emma has time on her hands to find the perfect way to punish me for my mistake. I can only guess what She comes up with. But on the other hand, there is no point, because She will come up with something I would not even think of.

But whatever She comes up with, I will lay my body, mind, and soul in the more than capable hands of my Mistress. Our journey together just has started and I have no idea where it will take me/us, what I do know is that Mistress Emma will find my limits and will cross them and let me cross them myself. Mistress Emma thank you for a wonderful first session, and thank you for taking me on our journey together. With final last words “Welcome in my head”.

slave w